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I hate sitting around. I always feel like I need to be doing something with my life. The more I sit and ponder as to what I want to accomplish, the more negative I feel about myself.

If I am not moving, then I am not doing.

How many times have we told ourselves that it would be fun to do something but we never make the time to actually do it?

How often do you see successful men and women and wish you were in their shoes?

How long are we willing to wait to finally realize that our dreams do not have legs and will not walk towards us? We need to walk to them.

I feel we are all ambitious individuals at heart. But there are people out there who seems to have an easier time in taking initiative.  The rest of us need a little encouragement to help get on the right track. Our site wants to be that source of motivation.

Self Starter Guide is for the self-starter and anyone who wants to become one. We do our best in working towards our goals. We struggle along the way and need help. We resort to blogs, podcasts and other resources to stay motivated and ambitious. We keep persisting because we know that persistence will reward us in the long haul.

This blog is reserved for the non-judgmental. It is an additional haven, among other blogs and sites out there, for readers to come and find a little bit of inspiration. Our intent is to keep our readers going and to be the pick-me-up that we all need every once in a while. We focus on anything and everything that can make your personal development process stronger. There will be discussion and focus on a wide variety of topics that serves to improve who we are as human beings and things we should avoid in our lives.

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My name is Anh Phan and I am a self-starter. I want to help. I want to provide the tools you need to get things done. I want to build a community that encourages each other and is full of positivity. I want to foster happiness in any way I can. I want to revolutionize what it means to be productive and have us be content with what we have. I want our world to be full of self-starters because it can be done

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Thank you for letting me join you. I can not wait to see your progress in the years to come!

Anh Phan
Self Starter Guide Founder

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