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The Major Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

Believe it or not, people who live a healthy lifestyle and go out for their morning jogs do not have to worry about backaches and feeling tired all the time.

The Major Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle may be a challenge at first, especially if you are not a fan of vegetables and despise getting up in the morning for an early jog, but a healthy lifestyle offers countess benefits that make you feel great at the end of the day. It is time you ditch those alcoholic beverages and pay attention to your workout routines. Here are a few top benefits of a healthy lifestyle:

Live Healthier and Longer

While death is inevitable, eating healthy foods and getting sufficient exercise helps your body to become more adept in disease prevention. Getting rid of junk food from your diet will reduce the risk of high cholesterol and blood pressure, which automatically prevents heart diseases and strokes. When you eat healthy, your body has ample energy for you to do all your daily tasks. However, eating too much junk food causes one to become lazy and sluggish. This further leads to obesity, which has become a dangerous health risk.

Get Rid of Physical Pains

Believe it or not, people who live a healthy lifestyle and go out for their morning jogs do not have to worry about backaches and feeling tired all the time. One of the perks of exercising regularly is once your body gets used to regular physical activity, it is less likely to feel physical pain. This is why when you first start to exercise, your muscles hurt a lot but as you continue to exercise for a couple of days, your body starts adjusting to the new changes and you no longer experience pain.

Increased Energy

Contrary to what people believe, a healthy lifestyle does not mean you start counting calories. It just means you start eating smart. You may reduce your portion sizes but the whole point about living a healthy lifestyle is to eat what’s good for your body. By including fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals in your diet, your body is able to generate more energy. Eating healthy boosts your energy levels and reduces fatigue. So, if you are tired of feeling drowsy at work all day no matter how much sleep you get, it is time you make a change in your lifestyle and start eating better.

Reduces Stress and Improves Mental Health

Believe it or not, eating healthy foods and getting enough exercise helps your body fight depression, and also sharpens your memory and reduces stress levels. Eating healthy foods also help to stabilize your mood, making you feel calm and chirpy instead of irritated and exhausted. Just by making a few changes in your diet and by getting a little exercise, you will experience a huge change in your life. So, opt for healthy fruits and vegetables the next time you are craving a snack. Avoid alcoholic beverages and try to stop smoking and you will see a visible change in your mood and your outlook on life.

These are some of the benefits you can enjoy by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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My Selfishness

selfishnessIt’s important to come to the realization that we all have flaws in the way we live. A great way to address these potential flaws is to write about it and come to terms with what you need to improve. This is what today’s blog post is dedicated to; my own flaws. I want to put it out there that I can be selfish at times. I know this and although my friends may not think I am, I have this innate perception that I am a selfish being and I need to change this fact about myself.

One of the first things that make me think I am selfish is that I tend to put myself before others. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t give up my life for the people I love but when it comes to personal hobbies, time, and what makes me happy, I will do those things first before committing to doing something with another person. For instance if a friend had a birthday event but there was something else I really wanted to do, I find myself easily tempted or come up with an excuse as to why I can’t attend the birthday event. This doesn’t happen as often, fortunately, but it is selfish that I do things that make me happy first and foremost and forget about anything else. I’ve been improving on this and have gotten much better about making the right decisions and having my right priorities straight.

A big factor in me thinking that I am a selfish being is that I am incredibly impatient. It is one of my biggest flaws as a human being. We come from the world of instant gratification. We want things done quickly and efficiently. Even though I preach many times about learning to build patience, impatience is still the toughest obstacle for me to overcome. It has to do with the stress of pleasing my supervisors and getting them everything they need in a rapid manner. I find that there is always pressure to get things done quickly, but I need to get that mindset out of my head. My impatience leads to selfish behaviors like demanding too much of my assistants and acting irrational at times. But it has been gradually improving and I found that I have been more mindful of how I act and have been using breathing techniques for times I feel stressed due to impatience.

Money makes me selfish. I tend to conserve my money when I can and refuse to spend things on others unless it’s a special event, like a birthday gift or an anniversary. There are times when I am willing to cover a meal but more often, I would prefer to split up the bill so people pay their own portions. I don’t know why but there are certain nights where I offer to pay for everything even though innately, I feel frustrated for doing it. It’s like I feel like I have an obligation, but there is none at all. It may have to do with the fact that I want to repay a favor for someone else covering the meal. Nonetheless, my stomach often churns when the topic of money comes up because we all struggle with it to a degree and it can be such a sensitive topic.

A lot of these selfish flaws I listed have been improving over the years. I found that I have become more patient in life and understanding that things do not have to be as rushed as I think they should be. I find that I am more flexible with my money and spending more on others for the right causes. And ultimately, I find that I have a firmer grip on my priorities and knowing when to be there for people. It’s important to write down what you think your flaws are because having it in front of you can shape you into the person you want to become.

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You Should Listen More

Listen, not only hear.The world is a noisy place. It is easy to get distracted with everything and end up forgetting to listen to those closest to us. Listening is a skill preached heavily throughout our lifetime and is fundamental to master if we want to succeed.

It is ironic that listening is an optional skill considering it plays an instrumental role in advancing our social behavior and career. We have the free will to tune out when someone is speaking. Because listening requires concentration, we can make a choice of whether to acknowledge a person when they are speaking. People usually are respectful and choose to listen but sometimes distractions prevent us from listening and it can lead to miscommunication and consequences.

Possessing strong listening skills establishes bonds and relationships we have with one another. If a stranger starts a conversation with you, they are inherently signaling to you that they have something to say. You should acknowledge the individual. By consciously choosing to listen, a new bond can be established from that engagement. When you listen, you’ll start to learn things about the individual that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

The foundation of forming connections is based on whether another person is willing to lend a listening ear. We like to talk to people who are actively engaged in the conversation and soaking in everything we say. We don’t want to talk to someone who isn’t paying attention because it makes us feel like the things we are talking about are pointless. It is important to feel respected and that isn’t possible when one person fails to listen.

In the workplace, exemplary listening skills can advance your career. Employers admire employees who listens carefully and follows directions. They wouldn’t want to hire someone who makes multiple mistakes because of their poor listening skills. It would cost time and money. By listening, you prove to co-workers that you are reliable and attentive to the needs of the company. Who wouldn’t want someone like this on their team?

Another person’s life could be dependent on your ability to listen thoroughly. People who usually do not express their feelings may be more vague when they talk to us. Sometimes they are telling us that they are in pain and need help. If someone comes up to you and says life is not looking good for them, it can be an indication that they are seeking help. If you brush them off, they may hurt themselves. When people are in pain or seem like they are struggling, this is one of the more crucial times to open your ears and pay attention.

I can not stress the importance of listening. Our interaction with each other requires the other person to listen. If you encounter someone who doesn’t respect you by listening, it is not worth it to build a bond with that person. But when you find someone who listens and clings on to every word you say and respond to your needs, then you will see how fast and strong that relationship will bloom.

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Make Your New Years Resolutions Count

ResolutionsHow often have you made a New Years resolution and after a few weeks, you give up. Perhaps your resolution was to go to the gym everyday and after a week of strenuous workouts, you decide to go back to your sloth like behavior. Or maybe you want to start a trend of eating healthier meals and the moment there is temptation, you give in. Don’t be ashamed! We are all guilty of prematurely adding too much to our plate without realizing how to achieve our resolutions. This year, if you are planning on making a New Years resolution, come up with a game plan beforehand and make it count.

The issue with New Year resolutions is that people set their expectations too high. We don’t have a plan in place to hold ourselves accountable. Without a method to keep us in check, we get into the mindset that it is okay to take a one-day break and not worry about the consequences. This is the wrong approach and often results in us dropping our resolutions by the end of January.

Before deciding the New Year resolutions you want integrated into your life, you should prioritize which. Make a list of all the New Years resolutions you aspire to accomplish. In that list, narrow it down to the top two choices that mean the most. We sometimes add too much to our plate and it can become overwhelming. If I wanted to go to the gym every day and write everyday and do rock climbing everyday, and so on and so forth, there would be too many logistics to be taken into consideration. By choosing your top two, you can turn your attention fully to them and base your life choices on whether it benefits your resolutions.  After sticking with your habits and staying true to your resolutions, you will have more flexibility in adding more New Years resolutions because your previous choices have become habits.

Start small. Rather than jump into a habit or routine, be comfortable with breaking it up into smaller sections. For example, if you want to meditate more in the New Years, don’t start by meditating for thirty minutes. It will be draining and unrewarding and you will feel like you’re sitting there for no reason. Start with three minutes and build your way up. This will make forming the habit easier and not feel like a burden.

Come up with a way to hold yourself accountable! I do not mean you need to punish yourself severely but figure out a way to push yourself in becoming better at sticking to your New Years resolution. If you miss a gym workout or eat unhealthy one day, make yourself do a hard workout the following day or commit to cooking at home for the rest of the week. The idea is be consistent with your resolutions and to make sure that you are staying true to what you want set out to do. Many of us lose motivation after trying to pursue a goal week after week and by staying consistent and becoming aware of what you need to do, it will make it easier for you to stick to your resolutions.

New Years resolutions are great to form and it provides inspiration and motivation to the daily American. But many of us falter in staying true to these resolutions and it can seem pointless to even make them in the first place. It is necessary to find ways to make it easier to stick to these resolutions and not be bogged down by our circumstances. Avoid putting too much pressure on yourself and take it slowly. You will see that your resolutions can develop you into a stronger individual.

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