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Be Ballsy In Life

Have you ever thought about doing something but decided not to due to fear? For example, you might have an invitation to go skydiving but decided to opt out because of the fear of heights

Be Ballsy In Life

What does it take to be ballsy in life? It means you need to take risks. You have to like adventure. You’re willing to commit to the unknown and although you may be afraid of the outcome, you choose to accept it. Life is too short to not live life to the fullest. Do not be afraid to be ballsy in life.

Have you ever thought about doing something but decided not to due to fear? For example, you might have an invitation to go skydiving but decided to opt out because of the fear of heights. We all have fears that we deal with on a regular basis and on some days we are able to overcome them. We are ballsy. On other days, our fears consume us and we can’t be as ballsy as we like.

It’s totally acceptable to be afraid in frightening situations. It’s our way of protecting ourselves. But sometimes you just have to do it. Don’t think about the consequences. Take the risk and be ready to face the outcome. More often than not, you will be happy with your actions. When you conquer your fear, you will be surprised by the level of bravery you display and as a result, this leads to you gaining more courage the next time you have to face another similar situation.

I always try to encourage people to be ballsy in life because ultimately, what is the worst that could happen! If you have a crush on someone, be willing to approach them for a conversation. The worst they could say is no and at that point, you will get the closure you need and deserve. We wait around anticipating good things to happen to us and it never comes. That makes it difficult for us to live the life we want. We’re waiting on people. Being ballsy in life means you are taking life by the horns and living it on your own terms. If you want something, you go ahead and take it. You don’t have to wait for anyone to dictate what you have to do next.

Make a concentrated effort to be ballsy in life. Do not be concerned with how you are perceived. Do not be afraid of the risks attached. Learn to live life freely and without fear of anything wrong happening to you. Be ballsy in life and see yourself soar above your competitors. People will start to notice your confidence and want to be around you more. Be ballsy in life and see your world change for the better.

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Draw, Create And Express Yourself

By not feeling inhibited by your thoughts, I guarantee that you’ll feel wild and independent and will have a surge of ideas.

Draw, Create And Express Yourself

We are innately creative creatures at heart. Humans tend to have huge imaginations and there are no limits to what we can think about. Sometimes we don’t utilize this part of our mind as often as we should. I encourage you to draw, create and express yourself whenever you have the time.

Drawing and creating may seem like it is meant for children than for adults. But that is the mindset that can lead us off track. Being able to use your imagination is not limited by your age. We as adults fear being perceived as irresponsible when we want to create and draw things. Don’t let this perception hurt your imagination.

Being able to create something, whether it is a painting or a different kind of art form, is an exhilarating experience. Not only do you have the freedom to think about whatever and however you like, but in the end, you have something to show. The feeling of not being suppressed by your thoughts and being able to let loose and be free in being able to create is what I aspire all of my readers to try to achieve.

When you are procrastinating or do not know what to do next, take the time in your schedule to doodle and let your imagination roam. Don’t hold back. Think about the wildest and crazy thing you can image. By not feeling inhibited by your thoughts, I guarantee that you’ll feel wild and independent and will have a surge of ideas.

Through my drawings and creations, I find I can show people a part of myself. I don’t think people tend to see me for who I am through conversations at times but when they see the things I’ve been working on, such as this blog, they see where my passion lies. Invest your time into creating things that make you proud. Don’t limit yourself. Be free. Draw, create and express yourself.

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Embrace Your Inner Youth

embrace your inner youthStop rushing through life! When we are younger, we tend to want to be older. When we get older we all crave the desire to be youthful once more. Rushing through life will not allow you the experiences you deserve. Regardless of where you are now or what age you are, there are things you can do that can help you embrace your inner youth. It’s time to bring back the child in us.

Enjoy being carefree

Take the time to be carefree in your life. Don’t worry about the things going around you and the way it brings you down. Make the effort to live life vicariously and not worry about the problems that plague your life. These things do not matter. Take one day just to live like nothing is holding you down. Don’t think about finances or your career or your future. Enjoy being in the moment. Younger people tend to be able to be more spontaneous and risky with their decisions. Maybe having a carefree day will change your mindset as to how YOU personally want to live as well!

Do recreational activities

No one is too old to join a new hobby or sport. Find a hobby that you enjoy doing and commit. Go into it with 100% enthusiasm and don’t be concerned about who you will meet. Learn to take the time to do things that you love. You can’t spend life doing things that you do not enjoy. That’s not how one should live! Recreational activities are a great way to get your mind off of things and you may be able to form a community as a result!

Learn to have fun

We’re always so serious in life. Learn to have fun. This means relaxing on your day off or going out and socializing with friends. Don’t feel like you need to stay in your home your entire life. Go out and eat and not worry about your finances. We all have one life to live and you can’t do that by being depressed and unhappy. Having fun means doing the things you enjoy and embracing the moments that you have while on this Earth. It will make you feel younger.

Embracing your inner youth is about being happy with living life the fullest. You can be youthful at any age as long as you are willing to commit. We can get stuck by the routines of our lives and don’t want to change things up. We feel like everyone younger than us has the advantage of life, but that’s simply not true. We can be just as young by learning to have fun more and be more open with what’s around us. Learn to relax and enjoy what you have in the present moment. You’ll get younger before you know it.

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What It’s Like To Have Freedom

freedom I’ve lived in the United States for nearly 25 years now and I can’t recall a world where I didn’t have freedom. I am extremely grateful for living in a country that provides me with this opportunity. But I think about the citizens of other nations and how their freedom is different from mine. Can I even consider what they have, freedom, especially if the United States is the only place I’ve ever known to have freedom? It is important to think about what we have here in this country and what it means ultimately. Freedom is a luxury and far too often we take it for granted.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of freedom is independence. You are able to do things legally without fear of harassment and repercussion from the government. No one is forcing you to shop at a certain hour or telling you to stay inside without legitimate reasons. You are free to go for a walk in the park and not be reprimanded for doing so. You have choices you can make about what to do with your life and no one can technically tell you no. This is the independence that freedom grants us and it makes us feel like we have control of our lives.

Having freedom is liberating. I remember in history class listening to the horrific stories of human beings being enslaved in our country. But when slavery became abolished, the feeling of liberation that came with freedom must have been exhilarating. Slaves were no longer subjected to the control of another race. They were now allowed to do things that they normally weren’t able to do before. I’ve been fortunate to not be placed in a situation like they have but having the free will to do what I want is liberating. I have no one breathing down my neck, telling me what I can and cannot do. I make my own decisions and to have that power shapes you into a strong person.

You no longer feel afraid when you have freedom. When you are ruled by a country that monitors and dictates your every move, you become cautious with your life. You fear that everything you do will be subjected to ridicule and that you are making someone mad in the process. No more. Freedom is about doing things (legally, of course) without fear of repercussion. You are not under the microscope of another being. You do not have to be afraid of someone possibly yelling at you for choosing to buy carrots as opposed to blueberries, or going to the gym instead of working on your blog. You do not think about getting in trouble or criticized for every step you take and in knowing this, you are more likely to be at ease.

Imagining a world without freedom is unfathomable to me but, unfortunately, there are societies where others are not as fortunate as I am. I think about the restrictions on their lives and the things they can not do. I grow sad in realizing that they may be living a life full of fear and I can’t comprehend living having lived 25 years in that manner. We far too often think freedom is natural and allowed in every society, but that is not the case. We should work on ways of giving everyone in this world a chance towards freedom and it begins by accepting how important it is in each of our lives.

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De-Clutter Your World

Organization and Cleanliness Your life is cluttered with junk and it’s time for you to clean it up. More than you may realize, a cluttered life can impede on your productivity and affect your growth. A cluttered life means you are messy and the place you live may not be up to “clean” standards. You may have trash lying around in your living room; your office desk is a complete mess and your room has dirty laundry everywhere. You open your closet door and a huge pile of shoeboxes fall on top of you, knocking you to the floor and as you sit and ponder the messiness of your life, you think it’s impossible to get back on your two feet.

In addition to the physical messiness of a cluttered life, it can additionally take a mental toll. How often have you had ideas pop into your mind and things you need to get done but fail to take action on it. All of those projects are stored mentally and because you are not acting on them, takes up space. Like a dirty room, your mind can also become dirty and your productivity will suffer as a result.

The answer is this: make decluttering a priority in your life! It is not pleasant to come home to a messy home and see things all over the place. It can create a stressful environment and can make you procrastinate further. Set aside an hour block of time to focus on one room at a time per weekend. Turn on some music and start cleaning up and picking up after yourself. One hour out of 24 is all that it takes to clean up a section of your life that was cluttered before. Gradually the one-hour will contribute to helping you become more organized in your life and provide you with a cleaner environment. After you finish a room, focus on the next room and the one after that. By taking the time, at least once per week, to rearrange things so it doesn’t feel as cramped, will create a more inviting experience.

For your mental decluttering, I suggest a note-taking program such as Evernote or Omnifocus. Set aside one hour at your computer and list out everything in your mind. It can be as simple as chores such as taking out the trash and huge projects that you need to do. By getting everything that is in your mind out on paper, you can refer back to it. Because you have it written down, this frees up the space in your mind that was blocking you creatively. We have these moments when our mind feels foggy and that is a result of the toll of keeping everything in your mind. It is good practice to release everything you are thinking about onto something tangible and be able to look back at it rather than just letting it sit and fester.

By decluttering sections of your life routinely, you will gain a renowned sense of freedom. You’ll feel more relaxed and focused on what you need to get done. You won’t come home to an environment that makes you procrastinate further and you will start to see your productivity skyrocket. Choose a day and time to start tackling this decluttering project and see your life improve slowly and surely.

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