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The Power Of Friendship

Best friends together for life

Moments in our life are the best with friends.

Friendship is a wonderful concept and one we should all aspire to embrace. It can make a difference in your life when you have people around you that truly care. We each go on a life’s journey, working hard to achieve our goals. But it would be way too lonely to do this journey alone or with the feeling that no one supports you. There are people who support you and we need to make sure we are always aware of that. With so many people living on this planet, it is important to value the friendships you make and to put forth the effort needed to sustain the relationships.

Having friends allow you to explore and go on adventures together. With someone around, you become more willing to do more things. This may mean more hikes in undiscovered locations to eating out at different restaurants. You may be able to try a new hobby that you enjoy if bringing a friend makes you more comfortable. Friendships allow you to gain the confidence to push your limits and widen your experiences.

There are millions of people that exist on this planet. We will never meet all of them, but it is crucial that we learn to interact with as many of them as we can. With each person that you meet, you will discover something new about yourself. This new friendship could blossom into a strong relationship. You may find new things that you enjoy in life, that you would never have known before. You could learn something from the experiences of another person. This is why friendship is so great because not only are you inviting another person into your life but you expand your mind and see what another person goes through as well.

Having friends around keeps you sane and makes you grounded. Feeling loved is fundamental in our lives. We all want to know we are cared for because that will prevent loneliness. Just knowing that there are people out there who would be upset if we were gone or who value the bond we have with one another is a wonderful concept. It makes you grateful for the relationship you have created. We need to keep this in mind at all times because it’ll lift us up.

Friendships are wonderful. Being around others who make you proud of your life and about who you are can do wonders for your mentality and well-being. I love my friends and the joy they have brought into my life and I always try to put my foot forward in making sure that they know they are loved also. So if you have friends you care about, make sure that they know and continue to enhance that relationship because it is a valuable one.

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How To Be A Loyal Friend

Ways to be a loyal friendDuring our life we go through a cycle of friends that we never remember or connect with again. The friendships that last as you become older are the ones that you should cherish and value deeply. Friendships create bonds that will help you when you are at the lowest point in life. It is important to embrace the friendships you have and recognize the significant effects it has on you. There are several things you can do to make sure that you remain loyal and never take your friendships for granted.

Honesty – The key aspect of being a good friend is to embrace honesty. We do not want friends who lie about coming to an event and not show up. We don’t want a friend who gives us false hope. A friend should be someone we can rely on and can provide his or her honest opinion on matters that are troubling us. They will let us know if they feel we are doing the wrong thing. They will let us know if we have erred and help us in finding a solution. If it seems your friends are only telling you the things that you want to hear, then it could be a sign they don’t want to hurt your feelings. This can do more harm than good if it persist. I rather have someone who will tell me the brutal truth and advise on how I can improve a situation.

Be Available – What good are friends if they do not show up when you need them most? I’m not saying they need to be available at a moment’s beckoning but it is crucial that they make time for you. They are there to listen to you when you are struggling in life and offer to lend an ear. They show up to events such as a birthday or a performance you’ve been preparing for. Being available for your friends will show them how committed you are of the relationship and how much it means to you. Friends who don’t show up or are not available when you need them will cause tension within the relationship and the bond will grow weaker until the friendship will cease to exist.

Be Empathetic – We all struggle from time to time. It is crucial to have friends who can relate and understand what you are going through. They have great insight and can offer you valuable advice. They don’t judge you for a mistake made. When you are beaten down, they don’t take this as an opportunity to step on you. Being empathetic with your friends will build connections. Life is tough for everyone and taking the time to make sure your friends are okay in times of need is an important process of being a loyal friend.

Friendships make us happier to be alive. Without friends, life can be lonely. No one wants to go through life by him or herself. By staying loyal and committed to fostering friendships, it can add value to your life and make you a better person. Look around at the friends you have today and think of what you can do to make it even better. Reach out and have a conversation. Invite them to dinner. Do something that will make them smile and see the fun you have shared over the years.

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When Life Gets You Lonely

Loneliness Being in a state of loneliness is one of the toughest things to overcome. Even when we are surrounded by friends, family and loved ones, we may still battle loneliness. It’s an incredibly sad feeling because you have this impression that no one cares for you and that you have to endure life all by yourself. What is dangerous about feeling this way is that it brings a lot of negative thoughts into your mind; thoughts that can destroy confidence and your sense of worth. People attribute the feeling of loneliness to suicide and drug abuse. As a result, it is crucial to ensure that you get the help that you need, if loneliness slowly creeps into your life and stay there.

The happiest people in the world can be some of the loneliness. I for example carry a bright smile on my face whenever possible. My friends and family see me as a cheery individual but the truth is, the smile is usually a mask to hide some of the pain I feel in my life. Some days I feel like no one likes me. My social anxiety overwhelms my common sense. Eventually it gets to a point where I am laying in bed, alone and wanting to cry because it seems like nothing is going right with my life. But when those thoughts and feelings fade, I find myself back to my perky self. My loneliness comes in random bouts, which makes it difficult to plan and deal with.

If you are someone who gets into these random feelings as well, there are some steps you can take to try to get you out of that slump:

1. Take the time to hang out with family and friends — surrounding yourself with the people you love is truly the best way to combat these emotions. Play a game with your friends or have a fun conversation with people you trust. Opening yourself up about how you feel can take the burden off of your shoulders and make your relationships stronger. You might find that other people can relate to your same predicament.

2. Invest your emotional energy into your hobbies — Find a hobby that you enjoy doing and incorporate your emotions into it. If you are an artist, paint a picture depicting how you feel. If you are a filmmaker, write a screenplay describing your character’s anguish. If you like to play sports, use the game as a way to relieve stress. It is important to redirect your negative energy rather than dwell on how it makes you feel. It is important for the mind to get a break from negative energy since it is poison and focusing too much on it can break us down.

3. Write — Sometimes the best way to combat this loneliness is to put it all down on paper. If your friends and family are not available and you are struggling, write down exactly how you feel. Channel all that energy into your pen and paper and see where it takes you. Some of the most innovative minds have written great novels and creative pieces during times when they were fighting with themselves internally. After you have written something, it is a great way to read about your thoughts and how you felt during loneliness. It can help you in finding ways to get out of it in the future. Detailing your emotional pain is a great way to make you aware of what is troubling you and can lay the groundwork for improving your life.

Loneliness is no laughing matter. It can cripple even the most strong-willed of characters. It takes an emotional toll on your mind and becomes dangerous the longer it persists. Whenever the emotions start to crawl into your life, be mindful of the thought and take steps to get rid of it as soon as possible. It’s all in your head. Don’t let it get bigger.

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