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Public Speaking Icebreaker

20150601I have an icebreaker that I play when meeting new people. This game is fun, easy to learn and allows me to get know strangers. At the same time, I use it as a way to judge their character and whether they are good liars. It shows me the abilities of people to be good storytellers and how confident they are. The game is called Two Truths and a Lie and it’s exactly played as it sounds. It is public speaking in the form of an icebreaker.

One player starts the game off and after his turn is over, the next player takes their turn. When it is your turn you need to come up with three set of stories, in any order you prefer. Now the trick is to make your stories as convincing as the next because, by the end of your third story, the rest of the players sitting around you need to guess which story you told was false.

I found that the ones who do best in this game are the people who have that innate storytelling ability. They add false details to their stories and make it sound more actual than it really is. They can create vivid imagery. As a fellow player, you can’t distinguish one story from another because they all have the same level of detail. It makes choosing the wrong more difficult.

People fail when they can only contribute one or two sentence descriptions as opposed to a couple lines worth. Adding backstory and events leading up to the incident can be persuasive. If people know the background of what happens, it can convince them that you are telling the truth.

Body posture and your confidence in conveying the story is another way people can tell if you are lying. If you fidget during your lies, it can be recognizable. Learn to speak with confidence and with a strong voice. Everything you say will have more conviction and persuasive.

Eye contact can be helpful in this game. Look people directly in the eye. It promotes assertion. It makes you passionate about what you are saying. It can instill passion and make people second guess themselves. It is a great strategy to use during your lie.

The game is harmless and promotes a great environment to share. At the same time, it builds upon multiple skills that you should improve. Not only is this an emphasis on public speaking but the game demonstrates what makes a good public speaker, mainly eye contact, confidence in voice and body language. Practice having a few stories in your mind for games like this and remember to stand strong and feel bold and confident. It will make all the difference.

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Writing Helps

Writing with styleMy morning begins when my alarm blares loudly at about 5 AM and when I turn to look at the clock, I groan that the day has to begin. I force myself out of bed, with the allure of the snooze button before me, and head to the bathroom to release myself from my full bladder. After the feeling of satisfaction subside, I drag my feet to the kitchen, make myself a cup of warm water and plop myself in front of my laptop to start my daily writing ritual. As part of my ritual, I write for this blog as well as review its content. I take time to write in a daily journal. I also free write creatively and set 500 words as my goal. Yes. I have a lot of writing on my plate and it has never been easy, but I know it is something I am required to do. Writing can be a useful habit and help in different ways. If you feel you are suffering, then writing can help you cope.

Writing gives me a chance to escape from reality. Because writing is a private affair, I find myself divulging all of my emotions into the piece. If I am angry, then I channel it into my work. The same goes with when I am sad, jealous, and frustrated. It is a way to release the tension in your body and rid yourself of any negative energy you may have pent up.

Putting stuff down on paper organizes my random thoughts into coherency. Our mind is like an inbox filled with all our mail and once in a while we need to go through it and sort out the pile. Writing can help with the process. It filters all of the ideas in your head and creates something tangible for you to see.

A big advantage to writing is that it allows the writer to think out of the box. We use our imagination and not hold back. When we have conversations or speak in public, we censor ourselves. While writing, there is no censorship needed. We can write freely and openly. We don’t have to set limits on what we want to write. We can ramble on or write nonsensically and not be fearful of the repercussion (unless you’re writing offensive material, then you should be more cautious). Writing gives power to creative individuals who want to feel free and invent new ideas.

I find I am honest when I write. Any writing I do privately is exclusively for me. Because of this, nothing is off-limits. When I am angry, my writing will reflect it. This allows me to avoid doing it verbally. It’s less damaging and more emotionally beneficial. Writing gives you the chance to say what is truly on your mind without offending another person. You become more aware of how you are feeling when you finish writing honestly and can find your flaws.

Finally, writing expands my capacity to learn. It improves my diction and grammar. I learn new ways to write more creatively and to be more structured in my work. Without writing every day, I wouldn’t be able to improve myself. Like anything else in life, practice makes perfect and the more you write, the stronger you will notice your writing will be.

Writing can be a meticulous thing to do every day, but the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Set aside time for you to write and force yourself to create something, regardless of how bad it is. Over time, you will see your writing improve and can find solace in it during emotionally draining moments. It can be an outlet for you when you have nothing to do or when you want to be creative. Writing helps and I hope you get to feel its benefits over time.

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10 Qualities Of Successful Men and Women

Success doesn't just sit in a tie.We all aspire to be successful. There are certain characteristics that we should have in order to prosper. Here are the top ten qualities of successful men and women that separate them from the rest.

Ambitious – They have ambitions. Successful men and women set big goals. They have a list of things they want to achieve in their lifetime and work diligently every day to get accomplishing all of them. They do not limit themselves and will take any and all necessary actions to make sure they are closer than they were previously.

Likable – People enjoy being surrounded by other likable people. Successful men and women have charm and get along well with others. They do not step on people’s toes or create strife amongst each other. It is important to be liked within the community because people will work with others they enjoy being around.

Perceptive – A person who does well is perceptive. They sense when a person is feeling anxious or when a situation is about to go awry. Being perceptive allows them to think ahead and be prepared for trouble. They have a solution to a problem before it has a chance to escalate. Having this quality makes others feel like you are prepared for anything that comes.

Honesty – They tell the truth. Successful people have strong morals and can be seen through their honesty. They don’t fib. There is no value to lying about a situation to avoid trouble. They understand that being caught in a lie will result in heightening the situation. As a result, they are honest in their decisions in order to avoid any embarrassing situations.

Respectful – Respect is often lost in our society. We attack each other because of the differences in our values. But respect is important if you want to grow. It is important to be aware of the qualities that make people unique. It gives you an advantage in catering to their needs. This will help you in business and life. You learn the significance of empathy. People will see you as a compassionate leader and one who can understand the frustration of the masses and be a person they can rely on.

Eloquent – When you listen to successful men and women, there is an allure in the way they carry themselves. They speak in a way that is appealing. They capture our attention and keep us engaged even during boring discussions. They mesmerize us with their diction. Being eloquent can improve your ability to meet new people and draw awareness to the things you say.

Optimistic In a world when negativity often fills the air, it is the optimism of successful men and women that keep them going. Despite running into trouble, they maintain a positive mindset. They take a step back to analyze the compromising situation and come up with the best solution. In staying positive, they realize that the negativity will pass. They don’t allow stressful situations to plague their thinking and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Tenacious – We see people give up too easily. When a situation becomes dire, the immediate reaction of most people is to give up on their dreams and deem it unachievable. They don’t pursue it. Successful men and women take the opposite approach. They adapt to their environment and find ways to address the issues. They persist every single day and don’t see giving up as an option. They make changes on how to approach their dreams but ultimately will not surrender.

Persuasive – Being persuasive will improve your sales but and your ability to pitch ideas. In a competitive world, it is important to be quick to convince others. People need to believe in your product. If you can’t learn to persuade others, then the road to success will be rougher.

Flexible – Our world is constantly changing and you will always face new problems. It is important to adapt. Life will always find ways to challenge us. Whether your sales are down or you encounter trouble with your peers, knowing how to be flexible and fix those situations can set you apart.

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The Truth In Being Lied To

Twink twiceWe often lie for many reasons. Some are more drastic than others. We can lie because we made a mistake and want to avoid getting caught. We lie to prevent a person from getting emotionally hurt. We lie to get ourselves ahead of others and to feel valued in our society. You may get away with lies but when you are finally caught in one, it can leave a stain in your life. The person you lied to will lose any trust they had in you. Finding out that you’ve been lied to is not fun either. You will feel more suspicious about the liar and the relationship won’t feel the same as before. When you discover someone was lying, it ultimately teaches you that honesty can never be replaced.

After being lied to, you’ll understand how important honesty is to a relationship. From our pain, we realize that it is crucial to not allow honest people to leave our life, otherwise we would be surrounded by liars. If there was no one we can convey our secrets to, it can become lonely. Thus honesty is crucial to sustaining relationships and is integral to forming great bonds.

When someone deceives you, you realize that your bond with the person has not been appreciated. It becomes clear that there is mistrust in the relationship. Someone you had previously trusted becomes a person you are more cautious with and you become more unwilling to share any further details with them. You start to understand your worth to the other person. The deceit forces you to renanalyze your relationship.

Being lied to causes pain and after you’ve been lied to, you’ll think twice about lying to someone else. You don’t want to put another person in the same shoes you were in. No matter how guilty you feel for being honest, it is always better to tell the truth than to lie to a person’s face. Seeing all the deceit in this world can cause people to become ruthless and uninviting. You don’t want to be portrayed as a liar in society and if someone lies to you, you’ll see how unappealing it is.

Lying causes strife between people. What people may think as a fib can growing into something more and can lead to broken relationships and friendships. Don’t let lying destroy the bonds you have built over time. Understand the value of being honest with each other and if you’ve been lied to, use that pain to make you grow. Lying will never win in life and ultimately you should not rely on it.

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How To Be A Loyal Friend

Ways to be a loyal friendDuring our life we go through a cycle of friends that we never remember or connect with again. The friendships that last as you become older are the ones that you should cherish and value deeply. Friendships create bonds that will help you when you are at the lowest point in life. It is important to embrace the friendships you have and recognize the significant effects it has on you. There are several things you can do to make sure that you remain loyal and never take your friendships for granted.

Honesty – The key aspect of being a good friend is to embrace honesty. We do not want friends who lie about coming to an event and not show up. We don’t want a friend who gives us false hope. A friend should be someone we can rely on and can provide his or her honest opinion on matters that are troubling us. They will let us know if they feel we are doing the wrong thing. They will let us know if we have erred and help us in finding a solution. If it seems your friends are only telling you the things that you want to hear, then it could be a sign they don’t want to hurt your feelings. This can do more harm than good if it persist. I rather have someone who will tell me the brutal truth and advise on how I can improve a situation.

Be Available – What good are friends if they do not show up when you need them most? I’m not saying they need to be available at a moment’s beckoning but it is crucial that they make time for you. They are there to listen to you when you are struggling in life and offer to lend an ear. They show up to events such as a birthday or a performance you’ve been preparing for. Being available for your friends will show them how committed you are of the relationship and how much it means to you. Friends who don’t show up or are not available when you need them will cause tension within the relationship and the bond will grow weaker until the friendship will cease to exist.

Be Empathetic – We all struggle from time to time. It is crucial to have friends who can relate and understand what you are going through. They have great insight and can offer you valuable advice. They don’t judge you for a mistake made. When you are beaten down, they don’t take this as an opportunity to step on you. Being empathetic with your friends will build connections. Life is tough for everyone and taking the time to make sure your friends are okay in times of need is an important process of being a loyal friend.

Friendships make us happier to be alive. Without friends, life can be lonely. No one wants to go through life by him or herself. By staying loyal and committed to fostering friendships, it can add value to your life and make you a better person. Look around at the friends you have today and think of what you can do to make it even better. Reach out and have a conversation. Invite them to dinner. Do something that will make them smile and see the fun you have shared over the years.

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