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5 Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life Without Spending Big Bucks

Sometimes, all you need is a fresh perspective to improve the quality of your life.


You do not have to spend big bucks to enjoy life to the fullest. Sometimes, all you need is a fresh perspective to improve the quality of your life. If you have been browsing your friend’s Instagram profile, envying over how much fun they are having, perhaps the only thing stopping you from living your life is the fact you are too busy sitting at home sulking about your empty pocket. Here are 5 ways to improve your quality of life without spending big bucks:

1. Redecorate

Did your friend just get a fancy new apartment? Maybe it is time you find yourself a project that will keep you busy. Why not redecorate your room. Simply changing the furniture around a little can make a big difference. Add a personal touch and frame photographs of your friends and family all over the wall. You can even paint your room a different color. Making simple changes in your house can make you feel more relaxed and calm. Do not forget to get some scented candles. After a long day at work, you will be relieved to enter your little haven.

2. Join the Gym

Have you been looking through your old closet, wishing you could fit into your favorite dress again? Everybody wants to lose a few pounds but rarely do we make the effort to do so. It’s time you get a gym membership. Start off with simple exercises. In a month or so, you will be surprised by how good you feel. Working out not only helps you to lose weight but builds it also builds up your stamina and helps you stay fit.

3. Learn to Say No

Learning how to say no can be one of the most liberating experiences in your life. Ever since we are children, our parents teach us to be polite and follow orders. As we grow up, we continue to do what people ask us to. It is time you start saying no. The next time somebody asks you to volunteer when you already have plans or somebody gets your order wrong and serves you the wrong food, do not be afraid to put your foot down. Once you start saying no, you will have more time to do the things you love and experience life to the fullest.

4. Plan an Outing to the Beach

Want to make plans for the weekend but cannot decide on somewhere that will be light on your pocket? Plan an outing to the beach. Invite your friends for a picnic at the beach, not only will you get the opportunity to work on your tan but you will also have a blast with your friends. Go out surfing or play some old-fashioned beach volleyball, the opportunities are endless.

5. Limit Your Time Online

If you spend hours on the internet scrolling through different social media websites, you should not complain about being unhappy. Get up and go outside, life is about taking chances and going on adventures, so why would you want to be trapped in a virtual world? Go outside, read a book, or meet a friend. If you want to improve the quality of your life, you better get going.

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Finding the Right Work/Life Balance as a Single Mom

At the end of the day, it is for you to realize that work is crucial to support yourself and your kids but if you start putting it before your personal life, things can get difficult to manage.

Finding the Right Work/Life Balance as a Single Mom

If you are a single mom, you must be really busy in handling your work and personal life. Life as a single mom is extremely difficult. You probably have a lot on your plate, your work life, your kids, finances and maybe even your career. It is important you manage your time so you get enough quality time with your kids and also some for yourself. Do not be overwhelmed by all your responsibilities. There are ways in which you can fit in all your responsibilities and still have some leisure time. Learn that while it is important for you to meet all your deadlines, it is also important for you to spend time with your children. Here’s how you can find the right balance between your work and personal life:

Prioritize Your Tasks

It is best to plan ahead and prioritize all your tasks. It is best you break down all your important tasks into little chunks. Categorize your tasks by most important, important and so on. This way, even if you are unable to complete the tasks which are lower down on your list, you will have completed the most essential ones at least. To get yourself even more organized, make a to-do list and plan your days ahead. Once you have set up a personal planner, you can save yourself a lot more time.

Reduce Time in the Kitchen

To save more time and money, create a family meal plan. Buy all your staples in bulk so you do not have to make frequent trips to the grocery store. If you are worried about things getting spoiled, purchase canned or frozen vegetables that will last a whole lot longer in your kitchen. Prepare foods in bulk so you save cooking time for the next day. Make sure your house is stocked with snacks or at least slices of bread so you and your kids can at least make a nice sandwich when you are in a hurry. Encourage your children not to be wasteful and set a good example for them so they do not become picky eaters.

Learn To Say No

Life is not easy as a single mom but that does not stop some people from taking advantage of your kindness. Realize that as a single parent, you already have double the share of responsibilities and have enough on your plate. So, the next time somebody has the nerve to ask you to run an errand for them or watch their children or volunteering at school, do not be pressurized into saying ‘yes’ all the time. If you have free time, spend it watching a movie with your kids or reading to them. Your kids will grow up one day without you even realizing it so make most of all the free time you have.

At the end of the day, it is for you to realize that work is crucial to support yourself and your kids but if you start putting it before your personal life, things can get difficult to manage.

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Morning Routine For Success

morning routine for successEveryone should have a morning routine for success that they follow. When you have a morning routine you will find that you can dedicate more of your time to your passion projects and the things you know you should be doing. You’ll find that you are able to work more efficiently towards your goals because day in and day out, you will be following a routine that allows you to get closer. Not having a morning routine can affect your day by causing you to have a slow start. When you implement a morning routine for success you’ll start to see your productivity skyrocket and you’ll feel better for the rest of the day. Here is how I start my day.

I truly believe in the phrase  “the early bird gets the worm”. I wake up at 5 AM most days (at least I try to) because I feel I get the most work done in the morning. Upon waking at 5 AM, I get up and proceed to grab two glasses of water from the kitchen. I microwave it for two minutes and then chug one of the glasses down. After a night full of not drinking water, it is important you hydrate yourself. However, for me, I don’t like the shock of cold water going down my throat in the early hours of the morning. Thus, I drink warm water and if I have a lemon, I add it to get the necessary nutrients. I also grab a small snack, like a banana or greek yogurt to consume.

After drinking the glasses of water, I then sit down in my bedroom and sit still for five minutes. This is my moment of peace and meditation before I start my day. I think about nothing. Not even my goals for the day. This relaxes my mind and eases me into what I usually suspect is a chaotic day. When the five minutes is up, I go into my bathroom and wash my face and do my morning ritual of cleaning up after myself.

When I have freshened up, I go to my writing desk (yes I have one) and depending on the day of the week, I work on my passion project for a good hour. For me, this is a combination of the Self Starter blog, my E-Book, video and podcasting projects or even my web development. The idea is that the early morning or the first task of the day should be dedicated to something that will further yourself in the future. Don’t work on tasks that you can do in the office. Work on stuff that you feel the most passionate about.

Once the hour is up, I take the time to prepare myself for the gym. Exercise is a fundamental because it provides me with the energy to last throughout the day. I will usually do weight training on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and cardio the rest of the week. Changing it up provides me with the urge to go and improve myself. Upon the completion of my exercise, I come home and eat a hearty and healthy breakfast.

Usually by the time I finish breakfast, I have enough time in my schedule to read for about 15-30 minutes. Some days I struggle to get through the pages while other days I am captivated and mesmerized by what I read. I tend to lean towards self-development books. Not only do these help me with my self-coaching knowledge, but I find myself much more ready to tackle the day. Once the reading session is over, my work day begin and I drive to my day job, fresh and relaxed.

There you have it. My morning routine for success. It may seem like a lot but once you get used to it, you’ll find that your routine will be second nature, like brushing your teeth. I’ve been doing this routine for many months now and have seen that I inch closer to my goals slowly but surely. It’ll take some dedication to stick to a routine. I suggest you write down each step in the routine and by the time you have it memorized, you’ll find that you’ll be doing it consistently enough to keep on going. I hope this helps give you some ideas as to how YOU can improve your life as well!

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My Selfishness

selfishnessIt’s important to come to the realization that we all have flaws in the way we live. A great way to address these potential flaws is to write about it and come to terms with what you need to improve. This is what today’s blog post is dedicated to; my own flaws. I want to put it out there that I can be selfish at times. I know this and although my friends may not think I am, I have this innate perception that I am a selfish being and I need to change this fact about myself.

One of the first things that make me think I am selfish is that I tend to put myself before others. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t give up my life for the people I love but when it comes to personal hobbies, time, and what makes me happy, I will do those things first before committing to doing something with another person. For instance if a friend had a birthday event but there was something else I really wanted to do, I find myself easily tempted or come up with an excuse as to why I can’t attend the birthday event. This doesn’t happen as often, fortunately, but it is selfish that I do things that make me happy first and foremost and forget about anything else. I’ve been improving on this and have gotten much better about making the right decisions and having my right priorities straight.

A big factor in me thinking that I am a selfish being is that I am incredibly impatient. It is one of my biggest flaws as a human being. We come from the world of instant gratification. We want things done quickly and efficiently. Even though I preach many times about learning to build patience, impatience is still the toughest obstacle for me to overcome. It has to do with the stress of pleasing my supervisors and getting them everything they need in a rapid manner. I find that there is always pressure to get things done quickly, but I need to get that mindset out of my head. My impatience leads to selfish behaviors like demanding too much of my assistants and acting irrational at times. But it has been gradually improving and I found that I have been more mindful of how I act and have been using breathing techniques for times I feel stressed due to impatience.

Money makes me selfish. I tend to conserve my money when I can and refuse to spend things on others unless it’s a special event, like a birthday gift or an anniversary. There are times when I am willing to cover a meal but more often, I would prefer to split up the bill so people pay their own portions. I don’t know why but there are certain nights where I offer to pay for everything even though innately, I feel frustrated for doing it. It’s like I feel like I have an obligation, but there is none at all. It may have to do with the fact that I want to repay a favor for someone else covering the meal. Nonetheless, my stomach often churns when the topic of money comes up because we all struggle with it to a degree and it can be such a sensitive topic.

A lot of these selfish flaws I listed have been improving over the years. I found that I have become more patient in life and understanding that things do not have to be as rushed as I think they should be. I find that I am more flexible with my money and spending more on others for the right causes. And ultimately, I find that I have a firmer grip on my priorities and knowing when to be there for people. It’s important to write down what you think your flaws are because having it in front of you can shape you into the person you want to become.

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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Try to Impress Others

impress othersYou will have a key moment in your life when everything seems to click together and find that the countless hours you spent trying to woo someone over will be all for naught. You’ll find that trying to impress someone by becoming who you are not will only result in disastrous consequences. Changing who you are and how you like to live life is not an effective way of showing people your real self and you’ll find that your life will gradually go downhill if you continue this road. Here’s why you shouldn’t try to impress others.

If you change a part of yourself that you aren’t very happy with, make sure you recognize whether you are changing this for yourself or for another person. If you find that you are changing who are you to impress another person, it won’t be a choice you are making for your own personal gain. You are trying to become another person’s gain. That isn’t a good approach to life. You’ll find that if you take this approach consistently, you will feel not like yourself. You will find that everything that you have developed as you got older and the values that you have will be set aside for newer ones; ones that you may not agree with. Do you want to feel fake in your life? Is that the approach you want to be known for? If not, then stop feeling like you need to impress others.

I find that it’s too time consuming and too much pressure to try to fit in with others. One, you have to figure out what each and every person you’re trying to impress likes. Once you find out, you would have to be fake and learn to like the hobbies and dedicate your valuable personal time to it. This can be time-consuming and exhausting especially if you are doing things you normally wouldn’t like doing. Why would you want to waste your time doing something that you don’t like? Yes, there’s the off chance you might like the hobby that you are engaging in but you won’t be able to do that with everyone. Trying to find a place to fit in can be draining to your time and environment so it’s better off just choosing to do things that YOU want to do rather than to appease someone.

Ultimately, when you try to impress others and change who you are, you will become unhappy. There’s no way around it. If you spend much of your life worrying about fitting in and looking cool, then you might get it at the expense of your unhappiness. You’ll be doing things that you normally wouldn’t do and you’ll constantly feel pressured to fit in. Your happiness and well-being should be based on how you choose to live your life and if it makes you happy, then what everyone thinks and say should not matter. You’ll find that you will enjoy life much more if you took the time to analyze yourself and all the things that make you happy and pursue them, rather than wasting time pursuing someone else’s interests.

I can’t emphasize how crucial it is for you to acknowledge that trying to impress someone is a waste of time. People fall into this trap of wanting to get closer to someone and set aside their own values. Don’t be one of them. Learn to take care of yourself first and foremost and understand that you are a unique person in this world. You have your own interests and you have things that make you happy so don’t sacrifice them because you’ll find that the more you do, you will be less happy with the life you lead.

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When To Take Risks And When Not To

risksRisks. That word instills a sense of fear in many people. It means that you need to take yourself out of your place of comfort and do what you normally would not do. People fear taking risks because it can throw their life out of balance and create chaos. Why would we want to do something that could jeopardize our comfort? The reason we need to take risks is that this is the surest way we can achieve success. You need to learn how to get out of your comfort zone and take the risks necessary to get you closer to your dreams. Risks are the only way to get there, but you must be mindful of the best and worst times to take risks.

Do take risks to go after your dream

If you have a passion and dream that you want to make a reality, take any risks you need to get you closer to that dream. We all have one life and if you do not put yourself out there and try to achieve that dream, then you are technically not living life as you should. Why sit around and be complacent in your environment if that is not ultimately not what you want to do? Take that risk whether it is big or small. It can be a great stepping stone to your dream but be willing to commit to it and have the confidence to know that you can do it.

Don’t take risks if you aren’t confident you can handle life financially

Money is the biggest factor that usually holds us back from taking risks. We are fearful that if we take a risk, it will hurt us financially and we would not be able to recover from it. We may find that it could put us in such a jeopardizing position that our dream could never see the light of day. Don’t let this fear hold you back. Take the steps to financially secure yourself. Set aside money from your salary so you can work on being able to take risks in the future. Don’t take a risk if you aren’t confident in your abilities to save money and protect your future. But make sure you don’t linger too long in accruing money because it will only hinder your happiness.

Do take risks when you are unhappy

If you are unhappy with your life, you need to take the right course of action to change how you feel. Unhappiness in life is a real time waster. You can’t spend life being sad about the circumstances you are living. Your unhappiness will affect not only your mental state but as well as your social interactions with those around you. Unhappiness will bring negative people into your life and make you less confident in your abilities. It will hold you back from taking more risks. If you get a sense that you are unhappy with your career or life, find a way to get away and improve yourself.

Don’t take risks if it’s at the expense of another individual

Don’t take risks if what you do will hurt another person financially, physically or mentally. You want your risks to propel you closer to success, but that doesn’t mean you can walk over another person to get there. You need to earn your success with hard work and a professional reputation. Backstabbing, lying, scamming an individual in order to succeed will only breed negativity. You will destroy any relationships you have with people and be looked down upon by others. Don’t fall into this trap of thinking you need to hurt someone in order for your risks to pay off. You can achieve your dream more diligently and should aspire to do so.

Risks are necessary to achieve what you want out of life, but there is a time and place to take them. You have to be mindful of when it would be appropriate. Your dreams are not going to be accomplished if you stay static in where you are. Life often favors those who are willing to break away from their mindset and keep going. Be willing to take risks and see how everything in your world will escalate for the better.

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Vulgarity In The Workplace

Vulgarity in the WorkplaceI have a vulgar mouth. I never used to have one. Growing up I tend to be polite and found curse words to be untouchable. It was ingrained into my mind that saying such words would condemn me to hell. Then I went to college and that way of thinking no longer existed. I found myself using curse words often as well as making crude and inappropriate jokes. To this day, when I am surrounded by a group of close friends, I may make a comment that would be inappropriate in the workplace. Being vulgar and making potentially offensive remarks has no place in the office. It can affect your reputation as well as your standing with the company.


Working in an office setting you must make sure you always maintain a level of professionalism. There will be eyes on you throughout your career and they’ll watch your every move. Making a vulgar remark that could get you in trouble can be disastrous for your career. By engaging in the type of lingo you use outside of work, you could be setting yourself up for failure and people’s impression of you might falter.


Not everyone in your environment will be completely comfortable with the jokes you make or the curse words you use. If you have an assistant or a supervisor, you could be putting them in an awkward position. Even if you get along well with this person, you have to make sure that they don’t feel like their job is being jeopardized by being around this crude behavior. Perhaps they don’t want to be affiliated with such candid talk and may be trying to craft a more professional demeanor. Don’t make them choose between staying friends with you or their professionalism.


In the event that you do make a remark that is offensive, be mindful of how the people around you react. If you see people react to your statement in a worrisome way, make the effort to apologize for your actions. Don’t let it linger. Apologize for the fact that the words you used have no place in the workforce and that you will be mindful of what you say in the future. Admitting a mistake and being aware of it is very powerful and people will be receptive to that. By apologizing, you will see that you will be more mindful about what you say next time.

It’s okay to feel like you should have the freedom to speak openly. But there are certain environments where you must be conscientious of your words and how it can be interpreted. Some people may not be as open as you are and would prefer to be around others who are similar. Don’t let what you say and your comfortability in the workplace put you or anyone else in an awkward setting. Keep your crude thoughts, curse words and any vulgar statements you have to yourself and you’ll find that you will still be able to feel comfortable and free wherever you go.

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Embrace Your Inner Youth

embrace your inner youthStop rushing through life! When we are younger, we tend to want to be older. When we get older we all crave the desire to be youthful once more. Rushing through life will not allow you the experiences you deserve. Regardless of where you are now or what age you are, there are things you can do that can help you embrace your inner youth. It’s time to bring back the child in us.

Enjoy being carefree

Take the time to be carefree in your life. Don’t worry about the things going around you and the way it brings you down. Make the effort to live life vicariously and not worry about the problems that plague your life. These things do not matter. Take one day just to live like nothing is holding you down. Don’t think about finances or your career or your future. Enjoy being in the moment. Younger people tend to be able to be more spontaneous and risky with their decisions. Maybe having a carefree day will change your mindset as to how YOU personally want to live as well!

Do recreational activities

No one is too old to join a new hobby or sport. Find a hobby that you enjoy doing and commit. Go into it with 100% enthusiasm and don’t be concerned about who you will meet. Learn to take the time to do things that you love. You can’t spend life doing things that you do not enjoy. That’s not how one should live! Recreational activities are a great way to get your mind off of things and you may be able to form a community as a result!

Learn to have fun

We’re always so serious in life. Learn to have fun. This means relaxing on your day off or going out and socializing with friends. Don’t feel like you need to stay in your home your entire life. Go out and eat and not worry about your finances. We all have one life to live and you can’t do that by being depressed and unhappy. Having fun means doing the things you enjoy and embracing the moments that you have while on this Earth. It will make you feel younger.

Embracing your inner youth is about being happy with living life the fullest. You can be youthful at any age as long as you are willing to commit. We can get stuck by the routines of our lives and don’t want to change things up. We feel like everyone younger than us has the advantage of life, but that’s simply not true. We can be just as young by learning to have fun more and be more open with what’s around us. Learn to relax and enjoy what you have in the present moment. You’ll get younger before you know it.

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3 Strategies To Live Life To The Fullest

live life to the fullestWe all a strategy to live life to the fullest. Some strategies work. Others do not. Some strategies allow us to grow as human beings while other strategies pull us back and force us to reevaluate the life we lead. We have to make sure that on the journey towards our goals that we become mindful of our approach to living. I have three main principles I try to live by and I found that I have overcome many obstacles as a result. Here are the ways I live life to the fullest.

Live with a positive mindset

The world that can be crazy and get you down. A positive attitude and mindset can go a long way. How often are we pushed down in life and feel like we can’t get up? If you are like me, quite often. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not able to get back up and that’s simply because they haven’t become used to the idea of positivity. They see life as negative and working against them. They don’t think that it will ever get better. But it does. Have the faith and confidence to know that things will work itself out. If something does not go your way move on and don’t let it bring you down.

Never give up

As we work towards our dreams many obstacles we will face roadblocks. They are there to persuade you to give up and make you feel foolish for thinking that you were capable of accomplishing the task. Develop the persistence to keep going even if these obstacles knock you down. The greatest success stories you hear come from entrepreneurs who kept persisting. They got to the lowest of the low and despite all of this, they emerged victoriously. You may sit back and wonder how anyone can overcome their lowest point and not feel like giving up, but the success of persistent individuals will show you that it can be done. Giving up is not a sign of weakness but it is an indication that you did not desire your dreams enough.

Be Patient

I don’t know why we always feel the need to rush through our lives. We accomplish tasks and duties quickly and recklessly. We are eager to get older and tackle on more responsibilities. We become stressed by not being able to get our bills paid as fast as we want. And time just seems to move so quickly that we become bummed by not finishing things by a certain timeline. It is important that we learn to develop the patience to enjoy the life that we have now. Do things more mindfully. Embrace the moment in doing a task. Rushing through life will make you forget about the joys and wonders of this world.

Living life to the fullest requires different strategies for different people. These are my main three and I feel it is well rounded. You have to be patient, persistent, and optimistic to feel balanced. Without following these three principles, I find most people are unfulfilled and saddened by the life they lead. They encounter more problems and are unhappy with the end result. Don’t fall into this trap. Start practicing these tips and you will see life blossom.

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Struggle With Finding Who You Are

finding who you areWe all go through life trying to discover ourselves. We assimilate into our community based on our likes and dislikes and who we want to be around. But we change through the years as well. Our personalities change as well as our environment. In the never-ending quest to discovering ourselves, we may stumble and be in a place where we feel we do not belong. I know I deal with this on a constant basis and can often feel left behind. Have you felt the struggle of finding who you are?

What are your likes and dislikes? That’s the prominent question we should ask ourselves as we go through life. What is it that makes us happy and how do we consistently achieve this happiness? At the same time what makes us mad and feel bad and how do we avoid it. You will realize that as you get older things are changing. Hobbies you may have liked as a young child may not be as enjoyable as an adult. Navigating through life, you have to learn to be aware of your feelings. If you find something you enjoy, soak it in and recognize that you should do that task more often.

A lot of what we do can also be a result of trying to fit in. You see your friends or your co-workers participating in a certain hobby and to fit in, you decide to join. You may end up loving the hobby and build a community off of it but at the same time, you may hate it but feel like you have an obligation to stick to it. We do things for other people’s happiness rather than our own and this can be one of the biggest mistakes that one can make. Learn to discover your own hobbies for yourself rather than trying to fit into the way you think people will like. That’s not how one should live.

As you try to discover yourself, you will run into plenty of setbacks in your life. There may be moments where you have been in a career for a while and at a certain point, you may grow out of love with what you are doing. You may feel like you need to make a career transition to become happier and that’s totally normal! If you are unhappy with where you are at, then take charge and do something about it. Don’t let your unhappiness linger. This also applies to all aspects of your life. If you find yourself bored and feeling negative around your social group of friends then make the effort to change it up. This is all part of the process of discovering yourself.

Finding meaning and fulfillment in your life can be a stressful process. You always second guess yourself. But the truth is, only you know your own happiness. While trying to figure out your personal likes and dislikes, make sure you always keep yourself at the back of your mind. Don’t try to please others and conform to their ideals. It’s not worth it to be unhappy for years doing things you weren’t naturally a fan of to begin with. Discover yourself and find your own personal joy.

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