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Overcoming Sadness

What to do when I'm sad?We’ve all been in the position of feeling sad. It can happen as a result of an event or it can pop up on us. When it does hit, we all know the horrific feeling. Who wants to feel sad? No one chooses that emotion. But sometimes, when our sadness is too overbearing we can feel hindered. We may stop doing the things we love and have a difficult time adjusting. If a bout of sadness starts to overtake you, here are some things you should consider doing.

When I am sad, I just have to let my feelings go. I let it all out. But rather than talk to a wall, I pick up the phone and call a friend or family member. Usually, I have these resources to rely on and they are all more than willing to lend a listening ear. This is what friends and family are for and it is important that you utilize them. Pick someone you trust and just unleash your emotional feelings onto them. It doesn’t make sense to keep everything inside of you because it will only cause you to spiral.

Doing the things you love is a crucial part of keeping the sadness away. Distract yourself by playing a sport or taking up a new hobby. The more you love doing something, the more you will forget about the troubles that plague your mind. You have a boatload of recreational activities to choose from in life and it would be a shame if you choose to sit on the sidelines and not actively engage in a new hobby.

Try scouring the web for motivational quotes or messages from leaders. Reading them can boost your morale and make you realize that not all is bad in your life. Consider what the quotes means and how it can help you if you were to apply it to your life. There are an abundant of inspirational messages throughout the internet that can give you the lift that you need.

Feeling sad is common. The people you think are the happiest can sometimes be the saddest. But this does not mean you have to allow the feeling to overcome you. There are many things in life to be grateful for and there are ways to push that sadness to the back of your mind. You just have to want to get rid of your sadness. Get help and relief when you need it. Don’t let sadness suck your soul.

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Anxiety And How To Break Free

Stress and anxietyStress kills. A bold statement and, unfortunately factual. Some stress is healthy for our bodies, but most of the stress that enter our lives is harmful. When stress becomes chronic, I consider it anxiety. It leads to us worrying about every detail in our life and we become fearful of outcomes and circumstances. We need to train ourselves to fix our anxiety otherwise stress will kill us.

Before panicking over a problem, take time to analyze whether your anxiety is worth the negative stress that will come. Ask yourself does this matter? If this is not a life or death situation, in what way will it affect you. Is your career in jeopardy or are you afraid of disappointing another person? The phrase “it too will pass” is important in this case because most situations turn out fine and people overwhelm themselves by growing frantic over trivial matters. The anxiety you are feeling in these situations is just a passing phase and once it subsides, you’ll find that it was a waste to be worried. Rather than immediately panic, take things slow and you’ll realize that most problems won’t matter.

Guided meditation helps calm the mind. I consider it mental training. Our mind is used to being bombarded with an overload of information. When stressful situations occur, it leads to a higher degree of emotional transmissions to our brain. We become sad, grow fearful, frustrated and possibly angry at everything happening to us. We think about potential awful outcomes. In order to balance these emotions, guided meditation is a resource that one can apply to their lives. By practicing stillness and clearing your mind, the emotions that were overwhelming you will be less effective. You’ll find that peace will come easier and will result in helping you craft a more optimistic attitude while handling any concerns.

Rather than let anxiety dwell, be proactive and find ways to resolve it! Begin by creating a list of steps that has to be accomplished in order to feel satisfied. Take a block out of your time and focus on projects that are outstanding. What are the series of steps you need to complete these projects? What can be one thing you do that will get you closer to your goal? I find that we become increasingly stressed when we feel that there is a lot on our plate but have little time to complete. This is because we do not take the time to fully address how to finish our tasks and choose to ignore it. Over time, our projects start to build and it comes to a halt when it becomes too much. Do your best to stay active and prepared. The only way to do this is to start small and find ways of unloading any burden on your shoulders.

Anxiety has never been absent from our lives. We are always around it regardless of the environment we work or live in. But it seems some handle it better than others and we envy them for their strengths. You can have the same strength if you take the time to be mindful of your stress. Understand that unless it involves a life or death scenario, the anxiety you feel will pass and it’ll leave you wondering why you were worrying at all. Allowing the stress to build can impact your ability to work, think rationally, and be yourself. Don’t allow your anxiety to overcome your mental stability because it will only lead to further stress.

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You Should Listen More

Listen, not only hear.The world is a noisy place. It is easy to get distracted with everything and end up forgetting to listen to those closest to us. Listening is a skill preached heavily throughout our lifetime and is fundamental to master if we want to succeed.

It is ironic that listening is an optional skill considering it plays an instrumental role in advancing our social behavior and career. We have the free will to tune out when someone is speaking. Because listening requires concentration, we can make a choice of whether to acknowledge a person when they are speaking. People usually are respectful and choose to listen but sometimes distractions prevent us from listening and it can lead to miscommunication and consequences.

Possessing strong listening skills establishes bonds and relationships we have with one another. If a stranger starts a conversation with you, they are inherently signaling to you that they have something to say. You should acknowledge the individual. By consciously choosing to listen, a new bond can be established from that engagement. When you listen, you’ll start to learn things about the individual that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

The foundation of forming connections is based on whether another person is willing to lend a listening ear. We like to talk to people who are actively engaged in the conversation and soaking in everything we say. We don’t want to talk to someone who isn’t paying attention because it makes us feel like the things we are talking about are pointless. It is important to feel respected and that isn’t possible when one person fails to listen.

In the workplace, exemplary listening skills can advance your career. Employers admire employees who listens carefully and follows directions. They wouldn’t want to hire someone who makes multiple mistakes because of their poor listening skills. It would cost time and money. By listening, you prove to co-workers that you are reliable and attentive to the needs of the company. Who wouldn’t want someone like this on their team?

Another person’s life could be dependent on your ability to listen thoroughly. People who usually do not express their feelings may be more vague when they talk to us. Sometimes they are telling us that they are in pain and need help. If someone comes up to you and says life is not looking good for them, it can be an indication that they are seeking help. If you brush them off, they may hurt themselves. When people are in pain or seem like they are struggling, this is one of the more crucial times to open your ears and pay attention.

I can not stress the importance of listening. Our interaction with each other requires the other person to listen. If you encounter someone who doesn’t respect you by listening, it is not worth it to build a bond with that person. But when you find someone who listens and clings on to every word you say and respond to your needs, then you will see how fast and strong that relationship will bloom.

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What To Do When You Want to Be Mean

You want to be mean? Think twice.We are not perfect characters in this society. There will be times when you find yourself frustrated at a situation and may feel a little overwhelmed. There could be situations that you encounter where you feel that the whole world is pitted against you and in those moments you want to react naturally; angry and stressed out.

Anger affects even the most passive characters. It is an emotion that is difficult to control because in the moment, you lose your sense of self. You act irrational due to anger and in the process; can end up hurting someone physically or mentally. The aftermath can be just as painful because you will experience the fallout from your irrational decisions. People hurt by your words during your moments of rage may not want to associate with you further. If physical violence was involved then you find yourself in legal trouble as well as potentially medical trouble. With all of these drawbacks to anger and rage, one must learn how to cope with it, especially if it were to arise again.

As a writer of this blog, I have a huge temper. I am still working on fixing my flaws and learning how to deal with my frustrations when it hits me. Anger can blind us at random moments and even though we try to be as mindful, these negative thoughts can overcome us.

The strongest way of nipping anger and rage is through the practice of being mindful. When you start to feel frustrated and stressed at a situation, acknowledge the feeling but don’t act on it. Realize the feeling will pass and although you are innately freaking out, don’t let it get to you. During this time, use your judgment to figure out the solution to the problem. In the end, keep at the back of your mind that the problems that are happening now, will not exist later down the road. As a result, it is no point to act angry and be frantic because ultimately it won’t matter.

Acknowledge the fact that everyone is human and make mistakes. Learn to love people for their attempt at their work and recognize that not everyone will do it exactly as you would. Everyone is independent and have a certain style of doing things their way. If you embrace the uniqueness of each individual, you learn to cope with his or her working ethics. If they made a mistake, be proud that they tried and encourage them to remedy the situation, rather than put them down.

Meditation works wonders in anger management. The practice keeps you focused and grounded in dealing with anger. You learn to control the speed of your breath and will feel calmer. Do this every morning so that you can use it when you start to feel stressed and overwhelmed by the things in life. Don’t let anger define you.

Anger is one of the worst emotions to handle when it boils down to it. I find it to be crippling in relationships and makes you feel guilty in the aftermath. To bypass the troubles that anger brings you, you need to recognize how short this feeling will last and whether it is worth it to pursue it. Anger is trouble and you know that you have what it takes to overcome trouble.

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