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Benefits From A Cold Shower

Life became, even more, productive than before. I felt refreshed, composed and ready to tackle on the day.

benefits from a cold shower

In 2015, I was reading a lot about the benefits from a cold shower every single day. I thought it was crazy. Seriously. Who wants to be uncomfortable and in pain from something that should be soothing. I always love waking up in the morning and having a warm shower or after a long day of work, soak in the rain sprinkles that come from your shower head. But I kept reading about the positive effects taking a cold shower every day would have and so I decided to take the plunge. I did it for 30 days and here were my results.

More Alertness

Taking a cold shower in the morning made me more alert and kept my energy going for most of the day. Usually, I get tired mid-day but it seems like the effects of the cold shower made me more attentive and aware of my surroundings. I was more energetic and always wanted to do more and more. Life became, even more, productive than before. I felt refreshed, composed and ready to tackle on the day.

Used To The Cold Shower

The first week was brutal. I only managed to stay in the shower for a good minute or so and then jumped right out. I kept shivering and always anticipated feeling discomfort every time I stepped into the shower. After the first week, I tried a different technique. Rotating. I rotated my body constantly in the shower so that the cold will affect all parts of my body. I would allow the cold water to hit the front part of my body for a good 30 seconds and then my side, move on to my back and then to my opposite side. I kept doing this and found that I grew accustomed to how the cold felt against my skin. I highly recommend this option if the discomfort is too much. Over time, I learned to tolerate the cold. The thing that didn’t go away after 30 days was the initial shock.


I am generally a very happy individual but throughout my 30 days of taking this challenge, I was in a better mood than usual. Things that normally would stress me, didn’t. I kept thinking about how grateful I am to be alive and happy with my life. In hindsight, this happiness could also be attributed to me being more productive and getting things done. It’s interesting to note that your mood can change based on the type of shower you take. If you find yourself sad or inching towards depression, take the time to invest in a cold shower and see how it can help you out.

Cold showers are not for everyone and I didn’t continue them past the 30 days. It is challenging to keep up because the luxury of having warm showers is too hard to resist, at least in my case. But practice and slowly incorporate taking a cold shower in your life and see if it can help you out in a positive way. Begin by taking a warm shower and towards the end, turn it all the way to cold and relax and soak it all in. The benefits from a cold shower could be what you need to jumpstart your year! Best of luck and I hope to hear of your results!

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5 Ways To Eat Healthy Without Spending A Fortune

Try to incorporate leftovers in future meals or just make enough for yourself. Believe it or not, but we toss away more food than paper, plastic or any other waste.

eat healthy without spending a fortune

Eating healthy can be difficult, especially if you are trying to cut costs. A common reason people cite for not eating healthy is it can get quite expensive. Healthy fruits and vegetables can end up costing way more than a frozen meal but that does not mean you cannot eat healthy on a budget. If you stick to a proper meal plan, perhaps, you can eat healthy without having to spend a fortune:

1. Cook It  Yourself

The number one tip for cutting costs while eating healthy is cooking food yourself. Spending money on frozen foods or on the coolest restaurants may seem tempting but it is the perfect way to break your bank. Apart from cutting costs, cooking your meals offers countless other benefits. It offers you the satisfaction you are eating a healthy meal that does not contain any unnecessary calories. While fine dining can be fun, even a single meal can cost hundreds of dollars. With the amount of money you spend on eating out, you can make multiple meals at home. If you must dine out, eat out with friends so you can split the bill.

2. Plan Your Meals In Advance

Plan your meals in advance so you do not get tempted into buying snacks on impulse. Sticking to a meal plan not only eliminates costs but also keeps you from making multiple trips to the grocery store. Shop wisely. Make sure your pantry is stocked well with basic staples and healthy fruits and vegetables and no matter what happens, do not waste food. Try to incorporate leftovers in future meals or just make enough for yourself. Believe it or not, but we toss away more food than paper, plastic or any other waste.

3. Go For Local Foods

Why go for expensive products that are imported when you can purchase local goods that are in season, inexpensive and good for the environment as well. Take a trip to the Farmer’s Market in your area. You will be surprised to find an array of incredibly delectable fruits and vegetables. Local fruits and vegetables have a chance to fully ripen before they are picked so they are healthier and more nutritious.

4. Grow Your Own Food

Nothing is better than tasting fruits and vegetables from your own garden. Planting a vegetable or herb garden may seem like a difficult task but in a reality, it is a lot of fun. Not only will you cut costs but your produce will be free from harmful artificial chemicals and pesticides. Many fruits and vegetables can grow without a lot of time and attention, such as beans, sweet potatoes, and strawberries.

5. Cut Down On Meat

Proteins are an essential part of a healthy diet and cannot be eliminated from your diet. Lean high quality protein that is organic, free from hormones and antibiotics are more expensive than meat that is pumped with unhealthy hormones and antibiotics. Try eating smaller portions of meat. You can stock up on proteins with piling your plate with lentils and other non-meat proteins.

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5 Tips For Staying Healthy At A Desk Job

Fortunately, small positive changes in your daily work routine can result in a healthier lifestyle.

staying healthy at a desk job

Staying healthy can be quite difficult if you are forced to sit at your desk all day at work. Millions of people around the world jeopardize their health by sitting in front of the computer all day long, forget the screen time that will completely ruin your eyes but your back and wrists also suffer in the process. In addition, losing weight can also be quite difficult. Fortunately, small positive changes in your daily work routine can result in a healthier lifestyle. Here are some tips for staying healthy at a desk job:

1. Get a Move On

Get up from your desk and start walking around at periodic intervals. If you cannot afford to move from your desk, stretch your arms and legs. Treat elevators and escalators as your enemies and take the stairs instead. Walking around will help in refreshing you for your daily tasks. Another great tip is to stand while typing emails or attending calls. Standing upright will improve your posture and will help your muscles engage in more activity.

2. Hand and Wrist Protection

Beware of the damage you are doing to your hands and wrists by typing away at the keyboard all day long. Staying ergonomically conscious with your hands and wrists can greatly reduce the chances of serious joint and ligament injuries. Invest in ergonomic keyboards and mouse pads that cushion your wrist and allow comfortable hand and wrist placement.

3. Maintain a Proper Posture

It’s easy to slouch down in your chair when you have been working for hours but a proper posture is important if you want to maintain a healthy life, hence keep your back straight and your feet on the ground. If you are still experiencing back problems, you need to consider investing in an ergonomically fit chair. Chairs that are especially designed to help improve posture will restore your back and spine to a more natural position and prevent any problems at the same time.

4. Skip the Junk Food

It’s harder to lose weight when you are sitting at your desk all day long, but it gets even more difficult if you have a habit of snacking all day long. Take home-made lunch with you. Avoid candy bowls and vending machines that will lure you into chomping on high calorie sweets. Take a walk after you have had lunch to aid digestion. Follow a healthy meal plan and you will be able to lose weight.

5. Take Care of Your Eyes

Computer eye strain has become a common complaint amongst people who have to spend a lot of their time staring at the computer screen. First off, adjust your monitor so it is at eye level. If the light emitting from your monitor has started to irritate your eyes, it is time you change the brightness setting. Look away from your computer screen at regular intervals. Find a faraway object to focus on for at least 30 seconds. It is advisable you take a comprehensive eye exam to prevent further problems related to eyesight.

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The Worst Advice About Health

It seems that our generation relies on WebMD to self-diagnose themselves whenever they are feeling unwell.

worst advice about health

There’s a lot of content out there in the universe that discusses how we can stay healthy, keep fit and live a long life. This is great. Having resources to rely on and use as a source of information is vital to increasing our knowledge. At the same time, however, there is also some pretty bad advice out there, sometimes making me question humanity! Why oh why would you tell people such and such. It’s bad advice! Well, I’ve done my fair share of research and there’s one advice that I heard that makes no sense to me and I’m here to tell you why it’s irresponsible and you should ignore any article that says it.

“Have You Checked WebMD?”

For those who may not know, WebMD is a pretty popular website containing medical jargon that looks and seem professional to the average user. It seems that our generation relies on WebMD to self-diagnose themselves whenever they are feeling unwell. But self-diagnosing yourself is not the way to keep yourself sick-free! In fact, using WebMD could actually hurt you more in the long run.

Anxiety, Stress, Paranoia
Choose to go onto WebMD at your own risk. You will read a lot of similar things saying a lot of the symptoms you have may be signs of cancer, heart disease, or another significant health problem. This is how I feel every time I go on and do research there. It doesn’t point to a good ending and I end up psyching myself up and overthink. This causes me to be anxious and paranoid about the “what ifs?” This adds stress to my life and ultimately, it worsens my symptoms. You don’t need all of this burden so do yourself a favor and stay off that site and seek the advice of a medical professional.

Facts vs. Assumptions
I find WebMD as a great place to understand medical jargon and get a glance as to how your symptoms COULD be related to some issues. However by reading about your symptoms all you end up doing is assuming you have whatever it is that the site tells you have. You may end up being persuaded that everything the site says is fact. But this is a problem, it’s never a fact until you actually see a doctor and they can physically check you out for themselves.

The next time you hear someone tell a friend or stranger to check WebMD, be sure to interject and say that they should see a doctor first and foremost if they are seriously concerned. There is no reason to add a layer of stress to your life and not be sure of what it is that you have. In addition, doctors can provide medications that can alleviate your symptoms which WebMD can not. You’ll feel more rest assured and at ease. So avoid WebMD at all costs unless you want to freak yourself out!

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Reflecting Back On The Self Starter Guide

selfstarterThe Self Starter guide was created because I like the motivation and inspiration that reading self-help books and blogs provide to their audience. I’ve always considered myself as a person who takes initiative and willing to take risks. I am always confounded when I see and hear people complain about their life but never do anything to change it. But I get it. Taking the first step is hard. Through reading self-help material and feeling motivated day by day from them, I wanted to try my hand at it as well and so the Self-Starter guide was brought to life. Today, I reflect back on the Self Starter Guide and see how far I’ve managed to come.

I started this back in November and it has been a learning process since. What I know now versus what my knowledge back when I started has grown exponentially. I’ve learned so much about marketing your blog and the best ways to maintain your creative juices. It has been difficult writing every single day, but it is a habit I push myself to do, just so I can stay on top of things and feel prepared.

One of the biggest issues I have is gaining subscribers to my newsletter. The issue is that I don’t have any material that I can provide people just yet. This is in the works. But once I do, I feel like the subscription to my newsletter will increase and I can find myself reaching a broader audience.

At the same time, I still desire to do video productions and podcasts but because my focus has been on the written content of my website, it has been challenging to redirect my focus. This all comes down to prioritizing my time and making sure I get my most important task out of the way. In the next few months, you’ll see me hone down on my video process and you should see several videos come to light.

Networking and Twitter have been huge in the development of my audience. I find that I’ve been attracting a wider audience because of social media and reaching out to people to check out the website. It’s been fascinating that a project like the Self Starter guide has been wonderful in opening my eyes to the importance of social media and how it can help maintain my readership.

I am often hard on myself and think about how long it is taking me to get to my desired destination. But this will continue to be the case because I will always be struggling and finding ways to improve the blog. I am fine with that. I just want to make sure I am pushing myself and being the best I can be and making sure I treat my readers right. The Self Starter Guide, after 6-7 months, will expand even further. I just know it. I hope you will continue with me on this ride.

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3 Strategies To Live Life To The Fullest

live life to the fullestWe all a strategy to live life to the fullest. Some strategies work. Others do not. Some strategies allow us to grow as human beings while other strategies pull us back and force us to reevaluate the life we lead. We have to make sure that on the journey towards our goals that we become mindful of our approach to living. I have three main principles I try to live by and I found that I have overcome many obstacles as a result. Here are the ways I live life to the fullest.

Live with a positive mindset

The world that can be crazy and get you down. A positive attitude and mindset can go a long way. How often are we pushed down in life and feel like we can’t get up? If you are like me, quite often. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not able to get back up and that’s simply because they haven’t become used to the idea of positivity. They see life as negative and working against them. They don’t think that it will ever get better. But it does. Have the faith and confidence to know that things will work itself out. If something does not go your way move on and don’t let it bring you down.

Never give up

As we work towards our dreams many obstacles we will face roadblocks. They are there to persuade you to give up and make you feel foolish for thinking that you were capable of accomplishing the task. Develop the persistence to keep going even if these obstacles knock you down. The greatest success stories you hear come from entrepreneurs who kept persisting. They got to the lowest of the low and despite all of this, they emerged victoriously. You may sit back and wonder how anyone can overcome their lowest point and not feel like giving up, but the success of persistent individuals will show you that it can be done. Giving up is not a sign of weakness but it is an indication that you did not desire your dreams enough.

Be Patient

I don’t know why we always feel the need to rush through our lives. We accomplish tasks and duties quickly and recklessly. We are eager to get older and tackle on more responsibilities. We become stressed by not being able to get our bills paid as fast as we want. And time just seems to move so quickly that we become bummed by not finishing things by a certain timeline. It is important that we learn to develop the patience to enjoy the life that we have now. Do things more mindfully. Embrace the moment in doing a task. Rushing through life will make you forget about the joys and wonders of this world.

Living life to the fullest requires different strategies for different people. These are my main three and I feel it is well rounded. You have to be patient, persistent, and optimistic to feel balanced. Without following these three principles, I find most people are unfulfilled and saddened by the life they lead. They encounter more problems and are unhappy with the end result. Don’t fall into this trap. Start practicing these tips and you will see life blossom.

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Painful Writing

Writing PainsWriting is painful. Not easy. From physical limitations to mental blocks, writing or the idea of it, can hurt. However, we must endure and motivate ourselves to keep going. We need to be a ball of fire and go-getter that we know we are and fight the pain that tries to overtake us. You may not realize you are fighting these pains while you write, but here are some symptoms and effects that writing can have on us.

The most obvious is writer’s block. We’ve all endured this situation where we sit down in front of a computer screen and stare aimlessly. We look like zombies! As much as we want to improve our writing all we can think about is our incompetency. You struggle with the right words and procrastinate about what you should do next. My solution? Force it. Force yourself to write rapidly even if what you are writing does not make sense. This will get your brain working and you might be able to overcome your block as a result.

Another problem that comes with writing is that you start to lose confidence in yourself once you become self-conscious. We all want to be good writers, but sometimes we become unsure of ourselves and think we are bad. We might become overcritical of our work. There might be flaws in how we write and you can’t stop yourself from thinking about it. The best way to combat this mentality is to develop the attitude of not caring. The fact that you are taking the time to write is impressive enough. You, as a writer, do not need the validation of another individual. If you are writing about a topic you are passionate about then power is in your court. Over time, the more you write and the more you practice, the confidence will eventually rise.

Sitting down at a computer ready to type away or holding a pencil in front of paper can be physical draining. In fact, as I type these very words, I feel the bones in my fingers getting weaker from my endless typing. If you find yourself cramping, it is sign that you have achieved the mark of a writer. Congratulations! But don’t fight through the pain. Be mindful of it and stretch. Make sure you do not injure yourself and go see a medical professional if it worsens. Your ability to use your hands is important and you want to make sure you don’t have a handicap in the future.

Writing is fun and rewarding. But at the same time, it hurts. Enduring mental blocks and physical pain comes with being a writer. But the tradeoff is that you can teach yourself endurance and constantly stimulating your mind. Don’t let the obstacles of becoming a writer affect you. These are mere hurdles and you’ll find that if you don’t persist, it will hurt more than anything that writing can bring.

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Working Hard Will Pay Off

Do not think only at efforts, but also at your goals!The time it takes to achieve success is time-consuming. You have to put in so many hours to get closer to your dreams and yet at the same time, there is no reassurance that you will reach your goal. That’s how I feel from time to time and it makes me want to quit so often. But people always tell me that you have to stick with it and see how it goes. Rome wasn’t built in a day and so I need to commit myself. I’m here to encourage you and tell you that working hard will pay off.

I want to start with my own example to begin with. This blog was started back in November and a post has been written steadily three times a week for the past few month. This began as what I thought as a money-making site, but I slowly found out that you can’t make a website intended to make money and help people. You have to be passionate about writing personal development posts and inspire others. Well, a couple months in and there hasn’t been a single subscription reader and there has been little traffic to the site. It seems like I am writing for myself and I have to learn to accept, that it’s okay! I have thought about quitting many times throughout the last few months, but it brings me back to the point that all the time and investment I have put into this blog will surely see some return eventually.

Working hard will take a lot of dedication and commitment. You need to have an honorable reason for working towards the goal you wanted. It can’t be about money and it can’t be about any get rich schemes. It has to be about the passion and your belief that you can and will succeed. Without that belief, working hard will not get you anywhere.

I find the people who are most admirable are the ones who can persist despite facing many pressures in their life. They continue to write or pursue their craft. They live life to the fullest and do not give up their dreams. They been pushed down over and over again and always find a way to get back up. They are a sign of hunger for wanting success. I want to get to that point. We all do. But if you think about it, nothing separates them from us. We have been given the same chance to live and grow and to do that, you need be willing to put your energy into what you want to do.

Please come to terms with the fact that the more hours you put into a project and the more passion you have for it, the more likely that it will pay off in the end. Working hard is intended to be difficult and will test our limits. We will question our worth and our time being spent. Don’t dwell that it is not coming fast enough because one day it will come and will create the biggest smile on your face.

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It Is Okay To Take A Break From Your Dreams

I'm winner even if I take a break from my dreams!Dreams are important to have but if we become too critical of ourselves during our journey to achieve them, we can burn ourselves out. By working towards your passion you gain fulfillment with your life but it is reasonable to take a step back from time to time and re-analyze your desires. Taking time off provides you with time to refocus and reinvigorate your passion and determination.

When we work hard at our dream, we may develop different passions along the way. We could discover exciting new opportunities. There may be hesitation in pursuing the opportunity because taking a detour from our dream is frowned upon. . But whos to say we can’t have multiple passions along the way? If you are currently on a path to pursue a goal and find other things interesting, don’t be afraid to stop and see where the other path will take you. You won’t be giving up and may even discover a new dream. Taking time away from your dream will allow you to be more mindful of what you want out of life

Even if you do not find other side opportunities, the passion for the current dream could be fading. Perhaps you’ve been going at it for a long time and have not seen an outcome or any sign of results and its taking a toll on you. Giving yourself a break from that dream could allow the passion to reignite. When you are away from working on your passion, the interest will slowly rebuild. If you find yourself in this position, vow to take a break and work on other things and when you feel it is time, go back to working on your dream. It will seem like you are starting over with a fresh slate.

Life throws us many curveballs. Whether it is relationships, health, and finances, there will always be that stresses in life and make us feel like we can’t actively pursue our dreams. Dealing with these struggles is normal and if you need time to get away in order to focus on these issues then do it. Don’t let life frustrate you and cause you to give up on your dream. Set aside an amount of time to address all the concerns in your life and see how you can resolve it. Once the situation is handled you can go back and give your dream your undivided attention.

It is a struggle pursuing our life goal. People are always giving up and do not have the persistence necessary for success. To avoid falling into this trap, taking breaks from your passion can help immensely. Don’t give up but learn to recognize when you need a break and you’ll start to see success come along.

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Persistence Is A Reflection Of How Badly You Want It

Wrong when persist? Life is difficult. We will be faced with endless battles in our lifetime. We will struggle with emotionally draining situations that will beat us down. We will run into complicated events that work against us. All of this negativity makes pursuing our dreams harder than it needs to be. Unfortunately not everyone is able to endure the constant losses while trying to attain their goals. These victims end up doing something that we all desire to do at some point in our lives. They quit.

People quit working towards their dream for multiple reasons. One of the biggest reason is that they feel success does not come fast enough. Many of us will invest days, weeks, months and years into a project and never see it prosper. We see the project’s inability to grow as weakness and it deters us pursuing it further. We get frustrated from the lack of recognition and how long everything is taking. As time passes, we lose our passion for the dream as well as our confidence.

When we start a project, we begin with a lot of passion and envision going far with it. We are enthusiastic in our duties and proud that we are taking an initiative. But as time passes the passion can fade, leading to discontent and boredom. People start to feel less passionate with their project and may find that it to be a chore. They don’t feel invigorated and allow things to slip through the cracks and are complacent about it. Passion keeps us going and if you lack passion for your project, then it will be doomed.

Regardless of your goals, there is one common factor that links successful people with successful projects: persistence. Successful men and women keep going no matter what. This ongoing pursuit, regardless of how long it takes, will guarantee success. The success may not look as how you initially conceived it but it will still be a success. It seems obvious to me that the longer you pursue a dream, the more you will learn along the way, until eventually you will surpass failure.

You must find different ways to maintain your thirst for success. There will be times when you want to throw in the towel because of the circumstances you are in and you’ll be tempted to move on to another project. Don’t be manipulated into giving up and be mindful of the rewards you will reap if you persist. One of the worst feelings in the world is realizing that you were so close to success before you quit. This makes it important that if you do decide to quit, then you better have a valid reason.

Persistence will separate the people who have thick skin and those who don’t. It is a test of our endurance and there are some people who can hold on while others let go immediately. Persistence is fundamental to everyone’s well being and if more people persisted rather than quit, we could see more change in this world. Whenever you are in a predicament and want to leave your dream, make sure you have a good reason otherwise you will feel guilty about it over time.

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