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The Power Of Friendship

Best friends together for life

Moments in our life are the best with friends.

Friendship is a wonderful concept and one we should all aspire to embrace. It can make a difference in your life when you have people around you that truly care. We each go on a life’s journey, working hard to achieve our goals. But it would be way too lonely to do this journey alone or with the feeling that no one supports you. There are people who support you and we need to make sure we are always aware of that. With so many people living on this planet, it is important to value the friendships you make and to put forth the effort needed to sustain the relationships.

Having friends allow you to explore and go on adventures together. With someone around, you become more willing to do more things. This may mean more hikes in undiscovered locations to eating out at different restaurants. You may be able to try a new hobby that you enjoy if bringing a friend makes you more comfortable. Friendships allow you to gain the confidence to push your limits and widen your experiences.

There are millions of people that exist on this planet. We will never meet all of them, but it is crucial that we learn to interact with as many of them as we can. With each person that you meet, you will discover something new about yourself. This new friendship could blossom into a strong relationship. You may find new things that you enjoy in life, that you would never have known before. You could learn something from the experiences of another person. This is why friendship is so great because not only are you inviting another person into your life but you expand your mind and see what another person goes through as well.

Having friends around keeps you sane and makes you grounded. Feeling loved is fundamental in our lives. We all want to know we are cared for because that will prevent loneliness. Just knowing that there are people out there who would be upset if we were gone or who value the bond we have with one another is a wonderful concept. It makes you grateful for the relationship you have created. We need to keep this in mind at all times because it’ll lift us up.

Friendships are wonderful. Being around others who make you proud of your life and about who you are can do wonders for your mentality and well-being. I love my friends and the joy they have brought into my life and I always try to put my foot forward in making sure that they know they are loved also. So if you have friends you care about, make sure that they know and continue to enhance that relationship because it is a valuable one.

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Enthusiasm: Contain It

Enthusiasm on my faceYou know the feeling. There’s something stirring in your heart and you cannot wait to do what you have to do. Whether it is a passion project that you’ve been pouring your heart and soul into or a date you’ve been looking forward to, enthusiasm fuels you. It is a wonderful feeling and we need to embrace it as much as possible if it comes to us.

We far too often do not take advantage of the enthusiasm that fulfills our life. As a result, we only get to utilize a small part of it and don’t get to see the full wonders of what enthusiasm can do for us. Rather than allow this feeling to last for hours and hours, we allow it to be a part of us for less time.

Be mindful of enthusiasm when it hits you. When you start to notice that you are getting quite excited about something; drop everything else and go after it. Nothing else matters at that point because you need to always go for what is on your mind and will make you happy. If it’s not possible to rush after your enthusiasm, then take the time to write it down in a notebook or document it somewhere so you can refer back to it. This way, you can regain your enthusiasm upon remembering it and then acting upon it when it’s most convenient for you.

Dedicate your time to pursuing this excitement. If you have a great idea that suddenly rushed into your head then set ahead a block of time to hash it out. Fill a notebook with any and all possibilities and ideas that flow. This is the greatest block of time that you can use because your enthusiasm for the project will bring about creative things you normally would think about. Your best ideas are the ones that come out when you are head over heels about a project. Things will not seem like a chore during this phase and so use this excitement to get as many ideas as you can down.

Block out the distractions that may come your way. Do not allow someone else to take away precious time from your excitement. This is important because, above all else, you need to value what is most important to you first. If you allow something or someone to take away your focus, you lose the possibility of creating something innovative or fresh. You lose the opportunity to focus on your personal desires which can lead to something grandeur and fascinating. Lock yourself in a room, take advantage of this surge in energy, and invest in your project.

When you have used up all of the excitement and enthusiasm you have in your soul, take time away from whatever it is you were working on and then when you want to re-excite yourself once more, share it with others. Tell people about the things you’ve been working on. Tell them about a date that you went on and the qualities you liked about the other person. Get yourself that high once more and learn to have fun with what you’ve been through. As a result, your enthusiasm will be contagious and might even inspire others to be excited about their own things in life. Enthusiasm is a fun thing to pass around and not an emotion to keep to yourself.

I love enthusiasm and people who know how to embrace it. We often fail to get into the mindset of realizing how important enthusiasm can be. We need to be bold and not be afraid to see the enthusiasm and take it by its horns and rein it in. Sometimes it does not come as often as we would hope and so when it does come, it is a sign that we need to invest ourselves and work on it. I hope that in writing this post, you dig deep down inside your soul and figure out what it is that excites you and as you ponder away, take the appropriate steps to contain it.

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The Truth In Being Lied To

Twink twiceWe often lie for many reasons. Some are more drastic than others. We can lie because we made a mistake and want to avoid getting caught. We lie to prevent a person from getting emotionally hurt. We lie to get ourselves ahead of others and to feel valued in our society. You may get away with lies but when you are finally caught in one, it can leave a stain in your life. The person you lied to will lose any trust they had in you. Finding out that you’ve been lied to is not fun either. You will feel more suspicious about the liar and the relationship won’t feel the same as before. When you discover someone was lying, it ultimately teaches you that honesty can never be replaced.

After being lied to, you’ll understand how important honesty is to a relationship. From our pain, we realize that it is crucial to not allow honest people to leave our life, otherwise we would be surrounded by liars. If there was no one we can convey our secrets to, it can become lonely. Thus honesty is crucial to sustaining relationships and is integral to forming great bonds.

When someone deceives you, you realize that your bond with the person has not been appreciated. It becomes clear that there is mistrust in the relationship. Someone you had previously trusted becomes a person you are more cautious with and you become more unwilling to share any further details with them. You start to understand your worth to the other person. The deceit forces you to renanalyze your relationship.

Being lied to causes pain and after you’ve been lied to, you’ll think twice about lying to someone else. You don’t want to put another person in the same shoes you were in. No matter how guilty you feel for being honest, it is always better to tell the truth than to lie to a person’s face. Seeing all the deceit in this world can cause people to become ruthless and uninviting. You don’t want to be portrayed as a liar in society and if someone lies to you, you’ll see how unappealing it is.

Lying causes strife between people. What people may think as a fib can growing into something more and can lead to broken relationships and friendships. Don’t let lying destroy the bonds you have built over time. Understand the value of being honest with each other and if you’ve been lied to, use that pain to make you grow. Lying will never win in life and ultimately you should not rely on it.

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You Should Listen More

Listen, not only hear.The world is a noisy place. It is easy to get distracted with everything and end up forgetting to listen to those closest to us. Listening is a skill preached heavily throughout our lifetime and is fundamental to master if we want to succeed.

It is ironic that listening is an optional skill considering it plays an instrumental role in advancing our social behavior and career. We have the free will to tune out when someone is speaking. Because listening requires concentration, we can make a choice of whether to acknowledge a person when they are speaking. People usually are respectful and choose to listen but sometimes distractions prevent us from listening and it can lead to miscommunication and consequences.

Possessing strong listening skills establishes bonds and relationships we have with one another. If a stranger starts a conversation with you, they are inherently signaling to you that they have something to say. You should acknowledge the individual. By consciously choosing to listen, a new bond can be established from that engagement. When you listen, you’ll start to learn things about the individual that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

The foundation of forming connections is based on whether another person is willing to lend a listening ear. We like to talk to people who are actively engaged in the conversation and soaking in everything we say. We don’t want to talk to someone who isn’t paying attention because it makes us feel like the things we are talking about are pointless. It is important to feel respected and that isn’t possible when one person fails to listen.

In the workplace, exemplary listening skills can advance your career. Employers admire employees who listens carefully and follows directions. They wouldn’t want to hire someone who makes multiple mistakes because of their poor listening skills. It would cost time and money. By listening, you prove to co-workers that you are reliable and attentive to the needs of the company. Who wouldn’t want someone like this on their team?

Another person’s life could be dependent on your ability to listen thoroughly. People who usually do not express their feelings may be more vague when they talk to us. Sometimes they are telling us that they are in pain and need help. If someone comes up to you and says life is not looking good for them, it can be an indication that they are seeking help. If you brush them off, they may hurt themselves. When people are in pain or seem like they are struggling, this is one of the more crucial times to open your ears and pay attention.

I can not stress the importance of listening. Our interaction with each other requires the other person to listen. If you encounter someone who doesn’t respect you by listening, it is not worth it to build a bond with that person. But when you find someone who listens and clings on to every word you say and respond to your needs, then you will see how fast and strong that relationship will bloom.

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How To Be A Loyal Friend

Ways to be a loyal friendDuring our life we go through a cycle of friends that we never remember or connect with again. The friendships that last as you become older are the ones that you should cherish and value deeply. Friendships create bonds that will help you when you are at the lowest point in life. It is important to embrace the friendships you have and recognize the significant effects it has on you. There are several things you can do to make sure that you remain loyal and never take your friendships for granted.

Honesty – The key aspect of being a good friend is to embrace honesty. We do not want friends who lie about coming to an event and not show up. We don’t want a friend who gives us false hope. A friend should be someone we can rely on and can provide his or her honest opinion on matters that are troubling us. They will let us know if they feel we are doing the wrong thing. They will let us know if we have erred and help us in finding a solution. If it seems your friends are only telling you the things that you want to hear, then it could be a sign they don’t want to hurt your feelings. This can do more harm than good if it persist. I rather have someone who will tell me the brutal truth and advise on how I can improve a situation.

Be Available – What good are friends if they do not show up when you need them most? I’m not saying they need to be available at a moment’s beckoning but it is crucial that they make time for you. They are there to listen to you when you are struggling in life and offer to lend an ear. They show up to events such as a birthday or a performance you’ve been preparing for. Being available for your friends will show them how committed you are of the relationship and how much it means to you. Friends who don’t show up or are not available when you need them will cause tension within the relationship and the bond will grow weaker until the friendship will cease to exist.

Be Empathetic – We all struggle from time to time. It is crucial to have friends who can relate and understand what you are going through. They have great insight and can offer you valuable advice. They don’t judge you for a mistake made. When you are beaten down, they don’t take this as an opportunity to step on you. Being empathetic with your friends will build connections. Life is tough for everyone and taking the time to make sure your friends are okay in times of need is an important process of being a loyal friend.

Friendships make us happier to be alive. Without friends, life can be lonely. No one wants to go through life by him or herself. By staying loyal and committed to fostering friendships, it can add value to your life and make you a better person. Look around at the friends you have today and think of what you can do to make it even better. Reach out and have a conversation. Invite them to dinner. Do something that will make them smile and see the fun you have shared over the years.

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Kindness Is Deserved To Be Experienced By All

Why we deserve the kindness?Everyone you encounter in your day to day life is facing a battle of their own that you may not know about. Just like others may not know what you are internally struggling with, you do not know what the person on the opposite end is dealing with either. With all the challenges that we face in our lives, this makes it more important for us to always practice kindness and to be mindful of when someone else is in need of it.

 We are all worthy of experiencing and giving kindness in our lives. It is something that needs to be shared because it will lift the spirits of others when they are in contact with it. It can turn a bad day good and in return, bring more positive energy into our world and push the negative ones out. Problem is, people tend to forget to be kind especially when they are placed in stressful circumstances.

When you are panicking or freaking out about something in your life, this is the most important time to be as mindful as possible when it comes to kindness. Learn to always be kind to others even when a mistake has been made. If you have to discipline an employee, do it in a respectable manner as opposed to a patronizing one. One should avoid being condescending, stuck-up, and insulting during these unfortunate circumstances. It can make all the difference in how your peer may see you as a supervisor, a co-worker, or even a friend. Nobody wants to hang out with someone they know will go ballistic and be rude and degrading if things do not go their way.

When you encounter strangers in the street, including the homeless and those less fortunate than you, be careful to not become judgmental of their situations. Having empathy will shape you to be a more considerate individual and will make you inclined to be kind more often.

There are different things you can do to provide kindness to others. First and foremost, you should avoid saying anything hurtful and negative to another person and always take their feelings into consideration. Second, donate your time and money to a cause that you feel strongly about. By reaching out to different organizations, you put yourself on the front line of fighting for something you care deeply about. Third, surround yourself around kind people. Being around optimistic and friendly nurturing individuals will instill the same qualities in you. Finally, do an act of kindness every so often. Pay for someone’s groceries or his or her next meal. Send a gift to a friend for no reason. All of these things can help you get in the spirit of kindness and not only will make the other person feel better, but you’ll feel happier as well.

Kindness is so often forgotten in a world that can often look scary. People from all different backgrounds clash with one another all the time. But slowly, if we all take the time to be kind and learn to respect one another, the world can gradually shape into a whole different place than it is now. Let’s start one person at a time.

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