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Things You Can Do Earlier In The Day More Often Than Later

Waking up earlier will allow you more productivity than you can imagine and give you the time to work on things that need to get done earlier rather than later.

earlier in the dayI’m typing this blog post around 6:30 AM in the morning. I’ve been up since 5:00 AM. It’s a blessing. Getting up this early in the morning has been a ritual that I’ve instilled in myself. But it hasn’t been easy. In fact, this is one of the first times I’ve been able to get up this early in a long time. In part, it’s mainly due to me having to show up at work early to avoid gosh-darn traffic. But waking up at 5:00 AM is a game changer for me. It opened up a whole new world of productivity that I didn’t expect to have. I thought I’d be groggy and sluggish for the morning and I thought I would spend most of it with my head on my keyboard. In reality, I’m getting the bulk of everything I need to get done a few hours in the day and it provides me an adrenaline rush just thinking about it. Waking up earlier will allow you more productivity than you can imagine and give you the time to work on things that need to get done earlier rather than later.


This is a big one for me. Writing, researching and getting your ideas together takes time. It’s incredibly important to me to hone my writing skills any chance I get but unfortunately, I don’t get that much time often during the day. There are always so many more pressing matters related to work and because I can’t allocate 30 minutes to get my writing done, I find that I often skip out on my writing habit if I don’t wake up early. If you are maintaining a blog and need to write more content, I highly encourage you to wake up 45 minutes earlier than your usual time and spend it brainstorming and writing down whatever is in your head.


We all know the pleasures of being able to relax with a book and soaking in everything you see on the pages. I find it difficult to read right before bedtime. My mind is always spinning and recounting everything that happened that day. I can’t focus on the book. Upon waking up, my mind is clearer and it allows me to have a clearer vision of the words I see in the book. And depending on what kind of book you read, you might feel more inspired to get things done after reading a few pages. I tend to read productivity and motivational books early in the morning because it gives me the push I need to make things happen.


Everyone has a busy lifestyle and as we go about our day, our mind gets cluttered with nonsense. We’re always frantically thinking about this and that. We get worried by the amount of work that is placed on us. We don’t know how to slow down and appreciate everything in our lives. Meditating early in the morning provides the utmost clarity you need to make the most out of your day. It sets up your mind to be in a very clear state and allows you to hone in on everything you need to get done. Take 5-10 minutes in the morning just to sit, appreciate life, and be grateful for all you’ve been given.

Listen to Podcasts/Motivational Videos

Aside from reading, I get my source of inspiration by listening to podcasts and motivational videos on YouTube. I find that it is always nice to hear a different perspective when listening to podcasts and see how successful entrepreneurs go about their day. By focusing on their habits, their methods, and their enthusiasm, it motivates me to emulate them. Motivational videos on YouTube is the encouragement I need. Sometimes reading is great but you might need a stronger stimulus to get you going in the day. Some people are more visual and require more images to make them more productive. During work, it’s hard to set aside time to listen and watch these content so make sure to do it in the morning.

Most Important Task

And finally, the most important task. This is the one thing you want to get done in order to feel like your day is a success. You do not want to let your most important task linger on too long in your day because ultimately, you will find that other priorities will take place. The most important task can take a long time to be completed and need your utmost dedication. But if you push it off, then you will realize that sooner or later, it will be the one thing you procrastinate on the most and it’ll constantly get pushed to the next day and then the next day, so on and so forth. Don’t let this be you. Make it a priority that after clearing your head and getting your morning ritual in place, to focus on this most important task because it will make a difference on how you feel the rest of the morning.

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Habits That Are Hindering Your Productivity

It is important to say “no” and put your foot down when necessary.

habits that are hindering your productivity

As human beings, we carry both positive and negative traits. It is important to realize some of our habits could be sabotaging our ability to get things down. Here are some habits that are hindering your productivity without you even realizing it:

You Never Say “No”

While it’s good to be helpful and efficient, you need to know when to say “no”. Always saying ‘yes’ to volunteer work, projects, tasks and people can hinder your productivity as you will eventually realize you have taken on more work than you can actually accomplish within a given time. It is important to say “no” and put your foot down when necessary. The next time you are thinking of devoting your time and energy to different projects, think carefully.

Using Ineffective Tools

While cutting food, you can’t expect to get perfect results with a dull knife. The same principle applies to your productivity. Make sure you are using tools which are effective and get the job done in a short amount of time. Make sure you are up to date with the latest apps and have installed them on your phone or tablet. Review your work systems regularly and never be afraid to ask somebody for help.

You Always Demand Perfection

While it is commendable you are always striving for perfection, it is okay to have less than perfect results now and then. Think for yourself: why should you waste your time and demand perfection from a task that is not worth it? Be choosy when deciding to use your energies. Think hard about where and when you should invest your time and attention.

You Don’t Work Well With Others

It is important you maintain a healthy relationship with your colleagues, co-workers and clients. Are you treating others the way you want to be treated? In order to work well in an organization, you should be able to get along well with your peers and pay attention to teamwork. Pay attention to your people skills. You do not want to be the person that hinders the efforts of a group just because you do not work well with others.

You Do Not Learn From Your Mistakes

Mistakes are actually wonderful gifts in disguise as they provide us knowledge and experience. The worst mistake you can make is ignoring your mistakes. Not learning from your mistakes not only hinders productivity but also wastes your time and energy. The next time a personal project doesn’t go well, ask yourself what you did wrong and how you can prevent the same mistake in the future.

You Waste Time on Social Media

Are you guilty of scrolling through your Twitter feed at work? Well then, do not be surprised when you are not able to get your work done on time. Try switching your phone off when you are doing something important. Do not allow yourself to get distracted by something that isn’t worth your time. You can always get to your social media profiles once you are done with your work for the day.

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Productivity Is Important

We all want to know we have a purpose in life. This means that we have an end goal in mind and that we are waking up every morning working towards that purpose.

productivity is important.

Productivity is such an important part of our day to day life. We want to know that we are on the right track in our lives and not wasting it away. On days where there has not been very much completed, we get down on ourselves for not doing enough. If other people distract from your work, tell them that your time of productivity is important. You want to get all of your tasks completed because it’ll make you feel better. But what other reasons are there on why productivity is so important?


We all want to know we have a purpose in life. This means that we have an end goal in mind and that we are waking up every morning working towards that purpose. If you do not work towards it or get very little done in a day, you may feel you are not working hard enough. This can make you feel sad about yourself and create insecurity. You might reanalyze your purpose in life and whether it truly is meant to be. This is why staying productive is so key because if you don’t keep working towards your end desire, then what is the point of waking up and going about your day. Everyone needs to have an ultimate dream and being productive will inch you closer to it.

Work Ethic

Productivity is important because it is a reflection of your work ethic. You want to be seen as someone who is hard-working and someone others can rely on. Nobody wants to work with someone who has a poor ethic. If that is the case then nothing would ever get done. We want to be around others who can help us carry the load of our work and someone we can trust. Being productive helps build your reputation as a hard-worker and can make it easier for everyone in a team setting.

Piece of Mind

Being productive allows you to afford some piece of mind. It reminds you that at you are indeed on the right path if you are getting everything that you wanted to get done, accomplished. It shows you that you are a hard-worker and that nothing can get in your way. You don’t have to rely on other people telling you what needs to be completed because you know that you will get to it. You establish yourself as a reliable individual and one that others can depend on no matter what. Who doesn’t want to feel like  that?

Productivity is important if you want to succeed in life. Do you want to succeed? If so, make productivity a huge part of your day to day life and do not let anything distract you along the way. Each day is short. You need to get as much done as you can to make it worth it.

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Top Ways To Overcome Hurdles In Your Productivity

Sure I have my systems and they often fail and I find myself starting at the bottom again. It’s okay.

ways to overcome hurdles

Being productive is constantly a challenge for me. You may think that I am an ideal role model, but that is far from the case, especially when it comes to productivity. Sure I have my systems and they often fail and I find myself starting at the bottom again. It’s okay. Learning to be productive is part of getting through life. If you struggle with productivity, here are the top ways to get over the hurdles. I find myself using these techniques and they work.

Buy A Timer

I find that I do best when I am racing against a timer. For me, I am innately competitive and I want to prove to others that I can abide by a deadline or a time to get things done. By setting 15 minutes aside to work on a task, I want to make sure that I finish it and make sure my mind does not wander. In fact, I have a 15-minute timer as I am writing this and it’s creating this sense of urgency to get this blog post completed. The timer can become the catalyst to you being productive. Anytime you want to get a task done, just set it and forget it. Focus intensely for that period of time and you’ll see your workflow will start to prosper as a result.

Anti-Procrastination Bowl

This is a new thing that I started doing. It is another task management system that I have in place to help me get stuff done. So far I haven’t used it as often as I would like but it is a fun way for a decision to be made, without exerting addition decision power. The anti-procrastination works by collecting all of your to-do tasks in a bowl. You write down each task on an individual index card, fold it up, and place it in the bowl. After all the tasks you want to get done are in the bowl, you randomly choose one of the cards. Regardless of what it says, make the choice to set aside 30 minutes to only focus on that task and nothing else. You’ll find that once you finish that card, you’ll have the urge to complete the next task at hand. I find this to be a fun way to vary your projects and to ensure that you don’t dwell on what to do next too often.

Get An Accountability Partner

Find someone who is able to motivate you to get stuff done. This accountability partner will check in with you from time to time and make sure that you are on track with everything that you need to get done. At the same time, you need to make sure you are keeping your partner in check as well and that they are being productive, otherwise, this won’t work. It’s important to have someone always in your ear and watching over you because you’ll feel more pressure to not let your partner down. Also, being around people who are focused and driven will encourage you to be the same.

There are many hurdles in the world of productivity and sometimes you just have to force yourself to jump over them. Try these techniques to overcome your procrastination and watch your productivity soar beyond your wildest imaginations. It’s important to always keep searching for a process that works for you and always make sure you are mindful of your habits and productivity. You’ll find that you will overcome anything you set your mind to.

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Balance Your Social Life

There are 24 hours in a day and while 8 of those 24 should be spent sleeping, the other 16 hours is up to you as to how you want to spend your time.

Balance Your Social Life

If you have a great social life, there must be many things about it that you enjoy. You have plenty of activities/hobbies you can pursue and a group of friends you can choose to be with. But have you ever felt like you were doing too much and never leave time for yourself? Your life becomes strained for having “too much fun?” While it is important that you satisfy the social department of your life, you need to make sure to balance your social life effectively.

I do a lot in my life. I work, I exercise, I do game nights and I run a dodgeball league. In addition, I go out dancing with friends, knock a couple of beers down on different nights, and have casual conversations with friends in their homes. It’s an amazing feeling to have things to do, but I also get bogged down by all of my social duties and expectations and you may find yourself in this very similar predicament.

Don’t Feel Obligated

A large reason why we have this pressure to be social and active in our life is the sense of obligation to our peers. We think that by turning down an offer to hang out, we are, in a way, denying the friendship. This is further from the truth. In reality, you are asserting the notion you want to take care of yourself and focus on your own needs. By committing to your friend’s plans, you are at their beckoning and feel obligated to show up. This isn’t what you want. So when someone offers you to hang out and you don’t want to, simply say no. A true friend will understand your situation and won’t judge you for it.

Spend Your Time Wisely

There are 24 hours in a day and while 8 of those 24 should be spent sleeping, the other 16 hours is up to you as to how you want to spend your time. When trying to balance your social life, make sure you set aside an appropriate and equal amount of time with everyone you care about. It’s not a good feeling to invest in one relationship or hobby and then completely minimize your interaction with another close friend or enjoyable hobby. Spend your time wisely to see if you can make room for everything and in doing so, you won’t feel like you’re leaving a friend behind or losing your passion for a hobby.

Take Time To Decompress

Along the same lines as not feeling obligated to say yes, make sure you set time for yourself to decompress in life. You are the most important person on this planet and your attention to your own needs matter. If you are tired from going out and doing so much, then feel free to relax. Sit down, read a book, and do not think about what your friends are doing. We always want to feel like we are involved but always being involved can take its toll on even the strongest individual.

We balance our career, family and day to day life regularly. Our social life should be factored in as well. We need to avoid the feeling of being burnt out from everything. We want to make sure that we keep our life energized for our friends and for our hobbies. If you do too much, you might see your passions wane a little. It’s an indication that burnout is upon you and you must do everything you can to alleviate it. So balance your social life properly and make sure that ultimately, you are taken care of in this world.

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Learn To Schedule Your Day

The way I schedule my day involves looking at my To Do list and making sure I set enough time to get individual tasks done.

Learn To Schedule Your Day

By waking up every morning, you are given the gift to make the most out of your day. Some people spend it foolishly and waste the time they have by being unproductive. They may lounge around the house all day when there are chores to be done. They refuse to write even though their dream is to be a writer. They munch on snacks and watch TV rather than exercising and keeping fit. I fall into this trap many times. I am one of those individuals. But lately, I’ve been able to get more done by practicing a better productivity habit in my day to day life. I learn how important it is to schedule your day out and adhere to it strictly.

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How To Stop Thinking And Just Do It

Just do it. Repeat the phrase over and over again. Just do it. By telling yourself to do whatever it is you need to do, you will be more likely to finish your task.

How To Stop Thinking And Just Do It

It’s ironic that I’m writing about this topic because I find myself debating whether to write or procrastinate. We know what we have to do to get closer to our dreams and goals, but yet we put it on the backburner? We know how to succeed but instead of taking the necessary steps, we think it can come later. We know the importance of writing every day, but we fail to implement it into our life. Whenever you get into the mindset of not wanting to do something, convince yourself to just do it!

There are a few tricks you can do to get yourself to start on a task. The first thing you can do is to schedule time for it. This means allotting a block of time on your calendar to able to focus on whatever it is you need to do. This helps by making you feel more prepared. You know what is on your agenda and you can put all of your focus into that particular task. By not having it scheduled, you run the risk of feeling unorganized life and will dwell on what you need to do.

Reward yourself for getting things done. If you overcome the hurdle of procrastination and completed your task, then treat yourself. Maybe a nice snack or schedule some relaxation time. The idea is that the more you reward your dedication and hard work, the easier it will be for you to just do it in the future. We can often work ourselves too hard and these tasks become not as enjoyable. Because of this, in our mind, we think these tasks will offer nothing in return so if we can train ourselves to know that we will be rewarded for our efforts, then we will be more inclined to do them.

Clear your minds and focus on the one task at hand. Our mind is boggled with many thoughts and by clearing it through meditation, we can give all of our attention to what needs to get done. We have to learn to be aware of the significance of what we are doing and don’t let anything get in our way. I constantly remind myself to be mindful and focus on the task at hand. Regardless of how I feel, I plop myself on my chair and do it. The negative telling me to take it easy and not do it will come into my mind, but I tune it out and just do it. You need to train yourself in these moments because it’ll give you more control of your life when you can.

Just do it. Repeat the phrase over and over again. Just do it. By telling yourself to do whatever it is you need to do, you will be more likely to finish your task. Imagine how you will feel after everything is done with. You’ll be happy that you accomplished your goal. You’ll feel more rewarded and happy with your determination to persist. It’s a great feeling to know that you didn’t give in to the negative thoughts in your head. Just do it and you’ll find success in your future.

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Why You Should Carry A Notebook

carry a notebookWhether your goal is to be more creative or to be more productive, there is one tip I suggest you embrace: carry a notebook around. The act of carrying a notebook can feel cumbersome. Not only do you have to carry a notebook around but you have to think about your writing utensil and where to place each object. This dissuades people from doing so. But if you are able to find a notebook that works for you and your pockets, then it will be worthwhile investment and you’ll see  your life improve immensely.

Carrying a notebook can be an indication that you want to be more productive and creative in life. How often do we go about our day to day and something pops into our head and rather than writing it down, we plague our minds with it. We attempt to hold it in our memories until we get an opportunity to jot it down. By the time you get the chance to, the task that you wanted to complete or the great creative idea you came up with is long forgotten. This is a wasted opportunity because if you had just taken the time to write it down, you wouldn’t have had to worry about losing it.

When you carry a notebook around, there is a workflow that you can follow. The one I embrace is whenever I have a task I need to get done or creative idea I like, I write it down. Once the day is over, I separate it by going to a new page or marking divider lines. At the end of the day, I transfer all of my ideas, tidbits, and tasks to get done into its appropriate electronic app. For example, any to-do tasks will go to Omnifocus and any creative ideas goes to Scrivener. This way I will always have the notes in hand.

A lot of people suggest using Evernote on their phone and I think this is an incredible alternative. I find that using Evernote to jot down everything that comes into your head is effective and it can feel less cumbersome because you don’t have to carry more things around than you need. For me, I like the idea of getting away from my electronics and not to feel like I’m always reliant on it. In addition, the act of physically writing stuff down on a notebook feels much more engaging. It makes me feel like I’m being more productive than if I am typing it in my cell phone. I also dislike the idea of opening up the app, waiting for it to load, and the fear of it crashing in the middle of typing. But it is definitely a good alternative.

Try to carry a notebook in the upcoming weeks. Come up with a method that works for you. It can improve your ability to remember things more clearly and you will less feel overwhelmed when there is a lot going on in life. There is no need to feel like it is your duty to remember everything. Give your brain a break and write things down and refer back to it. This is the better choice than to risk losing it once and for all.

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