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How To Ace A Job Interview

The last thing you want is to offend your potential boss.

how to ace a job interview

Even the most talented people find it hard to keep their cool at a job interview. For you to be able to tackle all sorts of tricky questions, you need to be well prepared. Interviewing is a learned skill. You only have one chance to make a first impression so make sure you do well. To make things easier for you, here are some tips that will help you ace your interview:

Dress for the Job

Your visual appearance is the first thing your potential employer will notice. Be sure you are dressed for the job. Imagine showing up at an interview wearing a crimpled shirt or a shabby haircut. Your interviewer will automatically assume you did not make an effort and are not serious about the job. It is important to know what to wear at a job interview and to be well groomed at the same time. It is best to do your research beforehand just in case the company has a dress code. Make sure your clothes are clean, pressed and neat.

Don’t Talk Too Much

It’s easy to get carried away, especially when you are already nervous. The best way to keep yourself from talking about your neighbor’s dog or starting an endless rant about your previous job is to keep your mouth shut. Only speak when you are spoken to, adopt a professional tone and avoid getting too friendly. Use appropriate language when you speak and avoid using slang words or references to politics, race or religion. The last thing you want is to offend your potential boss.

Do Not Appear Desperate

No matter how badly you need the job, do not appear needy or desperate. When you try to get your interviewer to sympathize with you, it means you are stating you are not qualified enough for the job and this gives off the impression that you lack confidence. Be calm, confident and cool. Allow your personality to shine. Remember, you are a qualified individual who deserves the job. If you believe in yourself, others will believe in you too.

Be On Time

Arriving late at an interview gives out the message you are non-serious and do not care enough for punctuality. Time is money and no employer would hire you if you give off the impression that you are not punctual.

Remember Body Language

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before a job interview and body language is one of the crucial things you should be careful about. Poor body language reflects poorly on you. Maintain a sturdy posture and do not slouch, as it makes you appear lazy. Effective body language includes smiling, maintaining eye contact with the person in front of you, listening actively, maintaining a solid posture and nodding in acknowledgment. Avoid habits such as touching your hair, slouching, fidgeting in your chair, mumbling to yourself or even worse, chewing gum.

So, keep these tips in mind and you can improve your chances of acing your job interview.

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The Power Of Peaceful Music

peaceful musicMusic has been instrumental to my productivity for years. There are days when I am able to get all the things I need to do done without the assistance of music but I also have days where peaceful and tranquil music provides me with a high level of productivity. I find music can be a huge asset to your productivity if you choose the right genre to listen. From experience, music that is calming and relaxing, such as those involving ambient sounds, can get you to become the most productive in years. This is the power of peaceful music.

Ambient sounds such as those found in the environment; birds chirping, water streams, raindrops, and fire crackling, allow me to have more focus in my studies. When I turn these sounds on, I am not distracted. Music that involves lyrics can take the focus away from a writer. They may find themselves more focused on the lyrics as opposed to the task before them. But with ambient sounds, you are only listening to your environment and it blends into your surroundings.

I get most of my work done in the early mornings of the day and peaceful music allow me to start the day stress-free. Who really wants to listen to rock music, which is loud and harsh, in the early morning? Wouldn’t you want to ease into your day peacefully rather than get your heart racing and stress level high via other genres? This is why I find calming sounds so relaxing. It gets me into a rhythm that I want to carry throughout the rest of my day. It promotes comfort and I feel that this is the ideal way to begin your day.

Peaceful music can make doing work more fun. When you are listening to silence, it can be boring. You feel like there’s nothing going on around you and you may find yourself looking for things to entertain yourself. This can affect your productivity due the distraction of being bored. Adding some background noise to your environment will relieve yourself of this boredom. Your mind is actively engaging with the noise and you will lessen your desire to look around. Things are actively happening so you are not as easily bored as you were prior.

Keep an open mind and see how music without lyrics can have a positive effect on yourself. Limit yourself to listening to ambient sounds to avoid distracting yourself. As you start to do this, you will notice your productivity skyrocket and you feel more calm and relaxed as the day progresses. Use the tool of music, which has been around for centuries, to help you out in life. You will find that it can be a huge asset. Embrace it. Don’t let your work be defined by the silence around you.

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Jumping From Project to Project

Achieving goals with project done quickProjects guide our lives. Without projects, then what do we work towards and what becomes our purpose? We live a life where we want to attain goals and we spend it trying to inch closer. We take steps forward and get pushed backward in our journey. How many projects do you have in your life going on? Are they all important to you? If so, how do you spend time splitting time between all of them? Make sure that you don’t overwhelm yourself and take on more than you can carry.

The issue with balancing multiple projects at once is you can burn yourself out fairly quickly. With so many things to think about and things you want to accomplish, it can be tiresome to always be focusing on it. For example: if you are trying to change your career by going back to school but at the same time you want to focus on exercising; starting a blog; volunteer with an organization; do side activities, you will realize that your attention is going to be split in different directions. There’s nothing wrong with having multiple things going on in your life but just be mentally aware of it and learn to be able to take a break.

Aim to hone in on one of your projects. This means that you should place a strong emphasis on the project you care the most about. Pour all your heart and energy into it and make it the primary focus of your life. By having one project you focus on more than the others, you can see your growth in that area grow exponentially. We have a tendency to get split in multiple directions that it becomes hard to get talented and succeed at one thing.

Vary up your projects and learn the value of fun. The great thing about living a life is that you have the choice of doing anything you want to do. While you can focus on your academics, try to include healthy living, exercise, side hobbies into your routine. Think about all the things that you want to do and ask yourself why it makes you happy and then go out and make time for it. The worst thing to do is to isolate yourself to one task and then forget about your life needs in other parts. By varying the different parts of your life up, you will see yourself develop into a more successful individual.

We are shaped by what we do in our lives. We learn to become better people because of our experiences. Most of us have different intentions and goals but what is similar between all of us is that we all have the passion for carrying multiple ones. If you have a lot of passion and love for a variety of experiences in your life, make sure you split your time right between them and avoid limiting yourself. At the same time, choose a project you care most deeply about and invest your heart and soul into that.

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Separate Your Work Life from Your Personal One

Work life versus personal lifeOne of the most important thing I learn in life is to make sure I take care of myself. A way to do that is to separate your work from your personal life. The reason I say this is because work adds stress to our lives. We have responsibilities we need to manage and encounter problems we have to solve. It is supposed to be challenging, hectic and demanding. Why would you want that in your personal life? To avoid the pain and hardships of dealing with stress 24/7, I find it is crucial that we switch off work mode upon arriving home.

Unless you are super-famous and inherited a lot of money, most people have to go to work to make the hard-earned cash. They toil about their day and resolve any issues that arise. These can range from tiny problems to gargantuan ones. You work all day to make sure everything is settled and by the end of the day, all you should want to do is relax and sip a glass of wine. This is the way life should be and how I imagine people taking care of themselves.

It should be a habit when you get home to switch off your e-mail and to ignore work-related communication. Unless you are working in a field where life and death depend on your response, then most issues can wait until the following day. I’ve been an advocate of calling someone in the event of an emergency as opposed to e-mails. We get caught up in trying to answer everything as soon as it pops up that we create this impression that we are too reliable and reachable. By allowing e-mails to infiltrate your personal life, you’ll be mixing work into it and it will cause confusion.

Bonds are important to form between your colleagues at work. But unless it becomes a strong friendship to warrant it, I usually do not choose to hang out with them outside of work. I see them as my co-workers and are people I can depend on to help me problem solve. I do not see them as people I should date or be best buddies. The reason for this is that if something were to go awry in the relationship outside of work, it can create an awkward work environment to go to every single day.

Your life should not be about your work. People too often bring work home and stress themselves further, despite their work hours being over. This is not the way to go about life. You’ll only end up giving yourself ulcers and it will become hard to manage. Take the time slowly to keep everything you need to do at work separate from everything else in life. In doing so, you’ll find that you will be more relaxed and have more energy the next time you come into the office.

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