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Keep Imagination Alive

Keep imagination alive by setting a day in your week to have all outs fun. Go crazy and eat at a fun restaurant that you’d normally do not go to.

Keep Imagination Alive
Imagination keeps us from going crazy. Without our imagination, we would be uninspired and lost in this wacky world. You need to make sure that you do all that you can to preserve your imagination because it may be the one thing that can keep you going.

My definition of imagination is the ability to think freely without being hindered by reality. You are able to go beyond the ordinary and not give a darn to its feasibility. You are given permission to imagine whatever you like because whatever you conceive, is yours and no one can take that away from you.

As we get older, our minds falter and our busy lives give us no time to sit and use our imagination. We become encumbered by work and our duties that imagination ends up on the back burner. This is normal. But we must make sure we do not lose sight of it. Keep imagination alive by trying the following.


Keep imagination alive by setting a day in your week to have all outs fun. Go crazy and eat at a fun restaurant that you’d normally do not go to. Plan a day where you are hanging out with friends and chatting about the “what ifs.” Don’t limit the day or set any expectations. Live carefreely and enjoy life. The more you enjoy it, the more you will allow imagination to roam. I find that the more fun I have, my imagination of what my friends and I can do for the day has no limits.


Yes, you are given permission to daydream. Keep imagination alive by thinking about all the fun scenarios you have created in your mind. Don’t judge your thoughts If you want to be a superhero, fine, embrace it. Are you secretly crushing on someone? Don’t feel bad. Imagine yourself in their warm embrace. Laugh about the idea and learn to enjoy that moment. Daydreaming stimulates our minds and can give us clues to what our subconscious wants in life.


Be sure to read, read, read as much as you can. By reading fictional stories of adventures and wonders, you immerse yourself in that landscape. Don’t limit the book options you have. Be open to reading about anything and everything. The more you know, the more you can invent things in your mind which allows for the expansion of your imagination. Keep imagination alive by fueling it with any information you didn’t have before and open up new doors of thoughts!

Imagination is a wonderful thing to embrace. Many people do not care for it and I find they can get grumpier as they become older. They lost their fascination for life. Make sure you don’t lose this. By encouraging yourself to not hold back and by using imagination freely and without judgement, you are freeing yourself of feeling burdened by the realities of life. You will be living in multiple worlds as you imagine and that is totally okay. Embrace it.

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Calm Your Mind During Bouts of Anger

Being self-aware of how you are feeling is a very important process to developing yourself as an individual.

Calm Your Mind During Bouts of Anger

I come from a family that has a huge problem with controlling their temper. The way we resolved a situation was to scream and shout at one another. It was a sign of love. But rather than get anything solved, we end up fueling the fire and getting ourselves worked up over things that were non-trivial. As you make your way through life, you will run into circumstances that are out of your control and all you want to do is to throw a fit and rage. It is important to channel this built-up anger and make sure you learn how to contain it and not let the world see the Hulk in you.

Be Mindful Of Your Anger

When you are angry, practice the art of being mindful. This means that you become fully aware of when you are angry and how you are feeling. You notice that you want to lash out or show your emotions but know that it is better not to. Being self-aware of how you are feeling is a very important process to developing yourself as an individual. Without being mindful of your emotions, you can run into a situation where you may end up doing or saying something you ultimately will regret. Becoming mindful of your anger gives you control over the situation and ultimately more power.

Learn To Meditate

If you have a tough time with being mindful then meditation is the key to helping you. Meditation gives you practice in calming your mind and taking things one step at a time. It clears your mind of all your negative thoughts and helps you to learn how to be present with everything in life. Without meditation to guide you, you can feel lost at times. Meditation is a stepping stone to becoming fully mindful and help you with all the anger that is built up inside of you.

Address the Issues

After your anger has subsided, take the time to address the issues that were bothering you. What was it that made you upset and why did it trigger your emotions? Think about the reasoning behind feeling such way and it’ll help pinpoint your personal pet peeves and frustrations. Knowing what your weaknesses are is incredibly useful to developing yourself. We can sometimes go through life, face our weakness, but never really become determined to defeat them. We just let things slide by. When you are angry, you are discovering things about yourself that needs to be controlled better. Be sure to analyze this by writing down your thoughts, confronting them and making a sincere effort to not feel that way again.

Anger is dangerous. It can be the end to any relationships you have, regardless of how strong the bond is. Anger destroys trust and ignores our sensible side. Make an earnest effort and a promise to yourself that you will not let anger win in your mind. Use the tools of meditation, mindfulness and confronting your thoughts to help combat all the emotions you feel. Calm your mind and see your life improve.

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Find The Wonder In Everything

When you start to find the wonder in everything, you will appreciate everything you have in life. Feel the sensation of your breath as you inhale in and exhale out.

Find The Wonder In Everything

Life is fascinating. There are miracles that happen every day and we don’t take the time to acknowledge them. We are giving birth, saving lives, and doing good deeds for one another. We live on a planet that fosters life, ranging from extraordinary wildlife to simple creatures. But with work and our priorities getting in the way, we can sometimes forget to marvel in the wonders of our world. I ask that you take the time in your life to find the wonder in everything and watch your sense of gratitude ignite.

When you start to find the wonder in everything, you will appreciate everything you have in life. Feel the sensation of your breath as you inhale in and exhale out. Is that not a truly wonderful thing? The fact that you can do it? You are alive. You are living proof that you exist. You have a soul and can control and shape your life however you like. Take this all in and see the wonder of it and how lucky you are to be alive.

In your day to day routine, take the time to sit outside and look at the world. Recognize what is happening in your community. People are moving. Kids are playing. We are interacting with one another. Isn’t it magnificent that we have a group on this planet that can engage with one another in a friendly way. Is it not mesmerizing to say that we are a planet that wants its people to connect with one another. We need to interact more with our community to not only embrace but to love each other.

And although we see ourselves as superior to the wildlife on our planet, they are part of our world. Bask in the wonders of these living creatures. Find the wonder in everything they do. See how they consume their food, engage with their companions and interact with humans. It is sad that we do not treat them well as much as we should because they coexist with us and we need to treat them well.

Find the wonder in everything and open your eyes up to the fact that you are not alone. It is important to realize how everything on this planet is a miracle and should be something we learn to embrace. Without this sense of wonder, we can fear life and everything that happens. Enjoy your life for what it is and find out how you can prosper each and every single day.

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Smiling Makes You Happy

People are more receptive upon seeing a smile on another person’s face.

Smiling Makes You Happy

Smiling makes you happy. Simple as that. It is an act that is so underrated in our society. We all go through difficult periods in our lives when things don’t turn out the way we want. As a result, we mope and feel sorry for ourselves. We expect empathy and compassion from others who are not going through the same pain as us. But it is up to us to determine how much we want to feel this pain. If you are someone who doesn’t want to be bogged down by your sadness, then be determined to put a smile on your face and see your day change.

The act of smiling requires very little effort. It uses fewer muscles in your face than it does to frown. At the same time, this act sends out mixed signals to your brain, especially when you are feeling down and out. Smiling sends happy thoughts and changes your mood for the better.

People are more receptive upon seeing a smile on another person’s face. Do you want to approach someone who looks like they are angry and sad? No, right? That’s because we do not want to be dragged down to that emotional state either. Most people want to be around people who seem bright and love their life. They want to experience happiness and excitement for their lives. Seeing someone with a smile encourages them to put a smile on their face as well. We understand that the act of smiling makes you happy and if we witness someone else do it, then we become more willing to open ourselves up to happiness.

Telling someone to put a smile on their face can be great advice when you are trying to console an individual. People should obviously be free to express their emotions in any way they prefer but after a while, you should encourage them to smile. People do not want to stay in a sad emotional state for the rest of their day. They need something to brighten them up. A smile can do that. Encourage them to turn that frown upside down, but don’t force them to if they are not at the right point yet. But inform them that it can make all the difference in how they’re feeling and can be the starting point to turning their day around.

We often underestimate the power of a simple act like smiling. Bad days can be reversed and life just seems much more enjoyable when you are around a group of people who likes to smile. Smiling makes you happy and that is what most people want in their life. Happiness. So if you find yourself down and out, make it a priority to smile and see your day change for the better.

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Dream Big, Don’t Limit Yourself

The goal at the end of your journey will be well worth it if you dream big. Use that as a motivation to not limit yourself.

Dream Big, Don’t Limit Yourself

Having dreams and goals is an important process of living life. You need to have something to work towards because without one, you’ll be living life aimlessly. It is important to make sure that you have meaning in your life or it can drag you down. However, sometimes our dreams feel like they are too big and unachievable. As a result, we hold back and limit our capabilities. Your dreams, hopes and wishes are never too big. Dare to be a big dreamer and you’ll find that you will be hungry for your ultimate goal. Don’t limit yourself and see yourself grow.

If you don’t limit yourself, you’ll find that you will have more fun on your journey to success. I find that our dreams and hopes are filled with happy moments and can make us aspire to live life fully. If you decide to limit what you are capable of you are telling yourself to not have fun and that the reward at the end of the journey won’t be worth it. You need to have a dream that will make you beam with joy once it is achieved.

You undersell what you are capable of if you limit yourself. It is a reflection of low confidence in your abilities. Do you have the faith and trust in yourself to be able to succeed? If so, then why should you hold yourself back? You’re putting an unnecessary barrier to success and it’s making you reevaluate your capabilities. Have the confidence to believe in yourself and know that you will do all that you can to make success happen.

The goal at the end of your journey will be well worth it if you dream big. Use that as a motivation to not limit yourself. Know that there will be much to celebrate when you did everything right. Imagine the happiness you’ll feel when you accomplish something that you’ve been working hard towards. Revel in the fact that you did not give up. By not putting a limit on yourself, you will feel amazing when your goal has been reached.

Far too many people put a limit on their dreams. They think it is too far-fetched and impossible to achieve. They lack the confidence in themselves and want to think about smaller goals and opportunities. But what they don’t realize is that these small goals will never live up to the big ones. Don’t limit yourself. Go for it. We only have one life and it’s better to go after what we deserve rather than let life pass you by.

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Get Yourself To Endure


We all face a new battle each day in our lives. We encounter problems that plague us and it may seem at times that the tide is against us and we will lose. I tell people that life can be challenging when we are faced with unforeseen situations and hope seems lost. It is important to know that regardless of any adversity you need to overcome, you have to endure. Keep going and don’t give up.

Understand what you have in life

Get yourself to endure by realizing you have a lot to embrace in life and to be content with it. Maintaining gratitude is important because you will feel like you are the luckiest person in the world with everything you have. It’s as if you always have a glimmer of hope shining on your side. Someone out there is looking out for you because first and foremost, you are alive. You are breathing. That is a miracle. Understand the significance of this and I hope that it will bring you peace in your troubles.

Find your passion

A lot of people can’t endure life because they feel a lack of purpose. Get yourself to endure by putting your efforts into finding a passion that you care about. Find things that make you happy. It doesn’t have to be a career but if you can turn your passion into a career, then even better. Ultimately do stuff in life that makes you feel alive. I find myself waking up happy when I know that there is a lot I can do in the upcoming days that will make me smile. If you find yourself moping around then it can be a sign that you’re lacking passion and it is your duty to re-ignite it.

Surround yourself with love

There is so much love around you. There will be people that care for you and be there for you during times of need. You may feel like anyone cares about you, but I don’t want you to believe in that lie. Call up people you know and tell them that you love and care about them. Surround yourself with your friends and share your struggles and ask for advice. People are willing to lend an ear to others in need. Love is  powerful and the more you have it, the easier it will be to get yourself to endure.

Never give up. That is the key with everything. Life can be emotionally draining regardless of how successful or poor you may be. But if you can get yourself to endure, you will find that you have a lot to live for. People don’t realize what they have in their life and we often compare ourselves to others and feel we are lacking. But if you can get yourself to come to terms with all the miracles and opportunities you have in life, then I guarantee that your life will improve for the better.

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